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Help with APRS to ISS

Greetings all..

I am new to working APRS. I am seeing conflicting info about uplink and downlink freqs for ISS digipeater. Is it 145.825 up/down? I am seeing some things list 145.99 uplink. I hear the ISS and decode it fine on 145.825.

Second question- I am running UISS pro with the path set:
to: APEG02
via: RS0ISS-4

Is this correct? I am also running a satgate connected to the net. Can I still run the satgate while trying to digi through the ISS at the same time?

Thanks so much for the help!


WU2V – Thu, 2012 – 05 – 31 20:02

May 30th

Field Day 2012

Will the ISS be making voice contacts on Field Day 2012?

KB0BS – Wed, 2012 – 05 – 30 19:44

May 27th

Looking for recording of 5/24/2012 ISS contact

Does anyone have a recording of the 5/24 contact. The contact was at 10am Arizona time between the ISS and Northland Prep. Academy in Flagstaff Arizona. I was the radio operator and made a recording directly from the mixer at the school. Unfortunately the recording was lost due to a technical issue.

73, Ken

KenH – Sun, 2012 – 05 – 27 13:37


Does the ISS still do SSTV?

daimyo – Sun, 2012 – 05 – 27 09:05

May 24th



ZL1KJ – Thu, 2012 – 05 – 24 04:26

May 21st

Transmitting to the station ISS

I KF7ENT tried transmitting to the international space station yesterday not knowing really what I was doing . I have a little handheld that puts out 4watts I don't think it is making the trip to the sation when transmitting. Who knows ? would really like to say hello to the crew and would feel very honored if I could do so . I recently received my technician class license and have been enjoying the few contacts I have made so far. I live in Boise and would like to meet another operator. If anyone can lead me in the right direction please let me know ok. My e-mail

boiseid – Mon, 2012 – 05 – 21 10:18

May 16th

QSL info on PI9ISS

As many of us know by now, André Kuipers has made some QSO's using PI9ISS call.
I have some information to share on how to obtain a QSL card.

The card probably will be designed by a ESA/ESTEC Noordwijk person for those who logged a QSO with André PI9ISS.

To get a QSL from PI9ISS please send your QSL-card with a SASE to

A. B. M. Hüsken PE1KEH
Kampakker 24
5625 VG Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Bertus PE1KEH voluntered to act as a QSL manager for PI9ISS for André's 6 month mission.

But please keep in mind it will take some time before any cards are sent out to you.

PE1PQX – Wed, 2012 – 05 – 16 04:46

May 9th

ISS qso on kolkata


we tried to qso with ISS from kolkata but failed. we four are VU2BPW, VU2SYD, VU3MKX & VU3NVL. we just heard some faint signal. time was utc 1.07.00 May 10.

the downlink was 145.800MHz and uplink we tried was 145.490MHz. Kolkata, India in ITU region 3

arnab.bhaumik – Wed, 2012 – 05 – 09 21:43

May 5th

Looking for recording 4 May 2012 14:29UTC pass.

Hello All,

PA3BIC is looking for a recording with his QSO with Andre Kuipers PI9ISS.
Contact was made at 4 May 2012 14:29UTC pass.
If someone recorded it than please post a reply in this forum and
we will contact you.
Thanks in advance.

73's Cor PD0RKC

pd0rkc – Sat, 2012 – 05 – 05 18:22

May 4th

Digipeater offline?

Anyone have any insight or theories on why the digipeater hasn't been active the last couple of days?

KF7JJB – Sat, 2012 – 05 – 05 00:39

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