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March 26th

ATV docking

With the approaching ATV docking on March 28 the ham radio systems will be powered off for about 24 hours starting around 1500 UTC.

N5VHO – Mon, 2012 – 03 – 26 13:14

March 21st

Discourage ISS BBS connects during 'peak daytime passes'

This subject has come up before, but maybe a reminder is needed for those new to
working the ISS via packet.

The use of the ISS BBS by one station connecting blocks the pass for everyone
else, this just happened here in Europe where a station in Scotland did just
this and so after him no-one else can use the APRS system.

What happens is that the one station connects when the ISS is close to him, then
can't get much more from the BBS before the Space Station moves East and other
FM packet signals are stronger. Result most of the pass is lost for everyone, which is

g0isw – Thu, 2012 – 03 – 22 04:49

March 20th


anybody know when the iss is visible in the uk, isaw an object at around halve past seven in the evening traveling from south to north and was visible for about 2-3 hours we are not sure if this was the iss or a planet or a coms sat, and how does the solar storms effect the operations of the iss.

brendan moloney – Tue, 2012 – 03 – 20 07:55

March 12th

A flashback to Mir...


While I was working on my computers at home this evening, I was testing a streaming audio app on my iPod. I stumbled across the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National service, and dropped into the middle of a program called Top of the Pods. The program that was in progress sounded like it was talking about something related to ham radio - and it was! It was a program about an Australian YL ham who connected to the Mir packet mailbox about 20 years ago, including through the time of the disintegration of the USSR in late 1991.

WD9EWK – Mon, 2012 – 03 – 12 23:00

New major version of UISS v5.3

[UISS_ON6MU] Digest Number 484
New major version of UISS v5.3
Posted by: "on6mu" hams001(at) on6mu
Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:26 am (PDT)

Hi All,

I would like to inform you that I have released a new major version of UISS. You can download it from my website as of today.

PS: If the download fails then please try the mirror download (also available on the UISS )website.

Enjoy the new version!
Thanks and God bless,

st2nh – Mon, 2012 – 03 – 12 15:35

March 11th

hoping to have contact with ISS on Friday 13th july.

Hello all,
i am looking for some advice i am organising a special event station at my childrens school.

I was wondering what freq time of day and antenna would be best to attempt this?

Any help or advice cheers beforehand

Cheers and best 73 dave M0GGK

M0GGK – Sun, 2012 – 03 – 11 14:20

March 6th

ISS school contact Greece SX2ISS

March 2, 5th Lyceum of Katerini (SX2ISS) contact in YouTube video, with ISS crew.

SV1NJX – Tue, 2012 – 03 – 06 09:27

March 5th

Project idea everyone.

Hello to everyone on this forum!

Firstly it looks like a great community here so I'm confident one of you will be able to help me out somewhere.
A little about myself- I'm 21 years of age from Surrey in the UK and have a blog over at
I've recently done a high altitude balloon project and have got some astonishing results (see website) and enjoy doing these things for the benefit of fun within communities.

JoshingTalk – Mon, 2012 – 03 – 05 07:02

March 3rd

How long is a tour of duty on The ISS

Can anyone tell me how long astronauts spend on the ISS on each tour?

m6wad – Sat, 2012 – 03 – 03 12:41

March 1st

Which one of you stole the ISS control codes?

Which one of you stole the ISS control codes and when are you going to upload it?

Stolen NASA Laptop Had Space Station Control Code

madrat – Fri, 2012 – 03 – 02 03:19

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