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September 28th



I have read comments about how inactive the ham radio is at the moment on the iss and some have said this might be because of the lack of crew on board.In recent times i have listend to iss crew having general qso`s with other hams.It seems to me that some crew members might be more intersted in ham radio than other crew members.

G0PLV – Wed, 2011 – 09 – 28 17:51

September 22nd

Is ARISSat-1 still transmitting ?

Not heard anything from ARISSat-1 for several days now was wondering if it is still transmitting ?

davejw – Thu, 2011 – 09 – 22 04:03

September 19th

Voice repeater ever on ??

I have just taken an interest in satellites and the ISS. I was wondering if/when the voice repeater is turned on. I would like to make a contact thru it, if possible. thanks and
73 de N1FBZ

N1FBZ – Mon, 2011 – 09 – 19 22:31

ISS General QSO's?

Does anyone know if the hams on the ISS are doing regular QSO's (not scheduled school contacts)?

Also, do they have "free time" and if so, when?

Thanks and 73,

Shlomo, 4X4LF.

4X4LF – Mon, 2011 – 09 – 19 11:50

September 15th

ISS heard on 143.625

18.44 utc 143.625 mhz a man speaking in what sounded like Russian.

tvenney – Thu, 2011 – 09 – 15 14:59

September 14th


Some really fabulous SSTV images from ARISSat-1 being captured by folks on the ground. You can check them out at

Kenneth - N5VHO

N5VHO – Wed, 2011 – 09 – 14 15:20

September 13th

UHF packet on ISS active

I have heard and successfully digipeated via the UHF packet system on 437.55 (mind the Doppler) using the path of RS0ISS the past two days (Sep 12-13) using just a D7 and stock antenna. Beacon appears to be set for every 2 minutes. The signal was very weak and I had the squelch open.

Anybody else able to use the ISS digipeater on this frequency? Maybe using something with more gain?

Kenneth - N5VHO

N5VHO – Tue, 2011 – 09 – 13 10:31

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