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July 30th

ARISSat active on SSTV 437.550

Hi all
Arissat test sucesseful over Spain tonite.
Around 03.38z I could get the SSTV signal but on UHF: 437.550
You can see a short vid here:
the noise on the image was because I was on VHF and arrived late .-)

good luck

ea1uro – Sat, 2011 – 07 – 30 23:11

ARISSat-1 active in test mode

Some early reports out of S. Africa and Japan indicate that ARISSat-1 is active in test mode. This should include SSTV, Voice Telemetry, Data Telemetry. Doubtful that the Linear Transponder will work due to no external antenna available for the input (RX). The system should be active until 1400 UTC on Sunday (July 31).

Kenneth - N5VHO

N5VHO – Sat, 2011 – 07 – 30 15:58

July 26th

NASATV mentions ARISSat-1

If I am not mistaking.. Late afternoon today on NASA-TV made reference to an EVA ARISSat-1 was mention by the NASA narrator this afternoon for Amateur Radio operators. Not that I am attentive to NASA-TV 24 hours, I do have a DTV system dedicated in the shack. If I were only hearing things... MY APOLIGIES...

W4ZZA – Tue, 2011 – 07 – 26 22:18

July 23rd

ISS callsign changing?

Hi, Can anyone explain why the ISS changes it's ARPS from NA0ISS-4 to NA0ISS-3 at random? I'm sure many are beaconing with the wrong callsign in because the ISS has gone from -3 to -4 and back again nilly willy.

Any help/explanation apprecated.....Cheers Dave G7UZN

Dave Dawson – Sat, 2011 – 07 – 23 06:11

July 22nd


LU 5DFO saw again the ISS over La Plata city, after sunset , Fri 2011-07-22 from 22.02 to 22.07 ours UTC, 17 degree elevation, altitude 405 Km, speed 7666 m/s, minimum distance 1386 Km, mag -0.9, weak signals packet, with clear sky.-

domilore – Fri, 2011 – 07 – 22 19:51

Setting up SATGATE

Is there specific info on setting up a SATGATE server. I run a Tier-II APRS Server and would like to assist the SATGATE system if possible.

KA0SWT – Fri, 2011 – 07 – 22 13:02

July 18th

End of an Era: Visually observing ISS and Shuttle flying in formation


At 0839UTC, observing from Barbados, I saw what is, in my opinion,...The ninth wonder of the modern World....

Saw both the Shuttle and the ISS, flying in formation. Just a fraction of a second apart, but both dots of light clearly visible.

ISS was shining brilliantly. Almost as bright as Jupiter (which it appeared to pass close to from my viewing location). The shuttle was leading it by just a half, or quarter of a second or so.

Perfect view for the first half of the pass. The second half, from the highest point all the way down to the horizon, was obscured by cloud.

8P6UK – Tue, 2011 – 07 – 19 03:59

July 15th

President Obama speaks with STS-135, ISS crews

Well, at least someone got to talk to them.

President Obama speaks with STS-135, ISS crews

madrat – Fri, 2011 – 07 – 15 17:21

July 14th

ISS Repeater - Any NASA folks here?

I read a previous post regarding the repeater, and got to thinking:

If the issue with mode switching from packet to repeater has not been occurring simply because the present crew are unaware of how to do so with the equipment as it is now configured (as someone suggested in the earlier post)... might I suggest:

Does anyone with a NASA connection have a means of communicating to the hams who are due to board in the next few waves of crew swap-outs to express the interest in having the repeater station activated occasionally? An e-mail address for the oncoming crewmembers, even?

KB8TZX – Thu, 2011 – 07 – 14 23:45

Knowledge about ISS

Hey how do i completely know about what is ISS and what are its functions.And moreover let me know how ISS operates its agency

Manjunath9 – Thu, 2011 – 07 – 14 17:44

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