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January 26th


January 24, 2011. Baikonur launch site,
branch office of S.P. Korolev RSC Energia
In the scope of operations for prelaunch processing of cargo transport vehicle (CTV) Progress M-09M under the International Space Station program small spacecraft - satellite Kedr was accommodated in the vehicle cargo compartment on January 18.
The satellite is designed to carry out space experiment RadioSkaf: development, preparation and launch of supersmall spacecraft during extravehicular activity (EVA). The experiment investigator is S.P. Korolev RSC Energia.

N5VHO – Wed, 2011 – 01 – 26 20:36

crew contacts

I have seen numerous contacts over Europe but none over the U.S. the past month or so. Has anyone heard any U.s. to crew contacts? I worked the crew 28 times in the oct-nov time frame but nothing since Doug wheelock returned. listen to my contacts at

w5kub – Wed, 2011 – 01 – 26 20:12

January 25th

Schoolcontact in English 26 jan. 2011 6.38h

This morning 26 jan. 2011 at 06.38h there was again a schoolcontact.
This time by a lady astronaut in English.
Received at 145.800 by a Uniden UBC3500xlt scanner and a 137.5 MHz QFH antenna.
Here the recording:

Janos13 – Wed, 2011 – 01 – 26 03:57

Another Italian Schoolcontact at 25 jan. 2011

During the pass over The Netherlands today 25 jan. 2011 at 08.45 there was another Italian schoolcontact.
Received by a Uniden UBC3500xlt scanner at 145.800 and a home-made QFH 137.5 MHz antenna during very rainy weather over The Netherlands.
Here the recording :

Janos13 – Tue, 2011 – 01 – 25 05:07

January 21st

Spacewalk recording 21 jan. 2011

During the pass over The Netherlands I made this recording of the Spacewalk communication at 143.6250
between 10.09 and 10.14. Receiving was by a Uniden UBC3500xlt scanner and a homemade 137.5 MHz QFH antenna.
The first part is bad but please listen the whole recording.

Janos13 – Fri, 2011 – 01 – 21 06:29

January 19th

Another repeater in Rome (I), location:Castelli Romani ...

Unknown owner, don't know if it is ARI, CISAR, ARAC association or whatever is the name... heard 2 hams at 19 jan, 17.50 GMT talking on this repeater and complaining that is located just on the ISS up & down (145.800-145.200). Wide area coverage judging on the location of the 2 hams, another demostration of respect and civil sense for the other colleagues activity and for space signals incoming. BTW, the use of repeaters in Rome area is near the 5% in the 24 hours. We miss this new jewel, do you ??

crt – Wed, 2011 – 01 – 19 14:20

January 18th

Again Russian comm. at 130.1650

Today, 18 jan. 2011 during the pass of 10.25 over The Netherlands I received again weak Russian communication
(same like yesterday) at 130.1650. The recording sounds the same like yesterday so I don't place it here.

Janos13 – Tue, 2011 – 01 – 18 06:36

January 17th

Communication during pass 17 jan.2011 11.32h

During the pass of today, 17 jan. 2011 at 11.32 over The Netherlands, I received a weak two-side communication. I was not near my scanner at that moment, so I don't know the frequency.
A time ago I received the communication during a Space-walk and this one sounds a kind of the same like then. Was there any walk or something today?
Here the (very bad) recording :

Janos13 – Mon, 2011 – 01 – 17 08:08

January 16th


Is there a way to ask the crew if they are not using the radio to put in to repeater mode!!! or does every like packet better.

kd8ocz – Sun, 2011 – 01 – 16 14:59

January 14th

Tracking Problem

I am still having problems with the tracking .I put my q.t.h. in and it gives me the map with my q. t. h. but it will not give me the passes. Is it me, my computer or what? Please someone help. HORACE, WA4HT

wa4ht – Fri, 2011 – 01 – 14 16:22

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