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18:25-18:30 FE-6 HAM Radio Deactivation

Was just reading the timeline for the crew today, and saw this

18:25-18:30 FE-6 HAM Radio Deactivation

But never any activation, im new at this but can someone explain, are they just turning it off as to not interfere with other equipment for experiments or are they replacing the radio in the next resupply ?

buffaloo – Tue, 2010 – 09 – 21 20:03

Message List and Connected Stations Sep 21 2010

Hi folks, I just downloaded the message list and the stations connected, here tis.

Welcome to RS0ISS's message board
System Ver 1.50 102852 Bytes free
Msg# Size TS Date Time From To @ BBS Subject
96 148 /1321 2E0JXE>ALL
95 65 /0948 CX4DAR>ALL CQ...CQ...CQ...
93 522 /0455 LW6DC >ALL HELLO FANS ISS.-
90 109 27-Oct/0450 G6HMS >ALL
83 66 /0952 CX4DAR>ALL CQ...CQ...CQ...
82 24 /0319 3G3QC >ALL w

VK3UKF – Tue, 2010 – 09 – 21 14:30


Hi dear oms.
I use often the ISS PMS (RS0ISS-11) and I have a few questions.
-- I have seen that the date and the time are not correct by the messages. In my exemple, the real connected date is september 21 and for the ISS, it is the 26 oct...
-- Another question : what is the TS statut with empty or Y...I think Y when the message is read ???
To read my messages, the first command is M and after the R (number) command.
Is not possible to use RM command ? (one command instead two)

Thank you for informations, 73 to all and good ISS contacts. 73, Daniel F6CDZ on JN39BE

F6CDZ – Tue, 2010 – 09 – 21 08:02

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