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Did anyone record October 26, 2010

Did anyone record Col. Wheelock at 6:20 PM during the ISS pass up the East coast of the USA? I made contact and would love to have a recording of it.



N2PCA Northwest NJ – Sun, 2010 – 10 – 31 14:01

October 30th

voice on simplex 145.800

i heard a few stations on the 145.800 and doug came back to them just woundring if that is possabe i as well made contact but not sure what the freq was on radio. any help would be great. thank you in advance

kj4ecd Dusty

kj4ecd – Sat, 2010 – 10 – 30 19:34

Some ISS SSTV pictures on my website

Hello All
If you would like to look at some of the pictures i have and my ham mates too then please look on my website under the SSTV Section

Please visit my Shoutbox and leave a message too if you want to

73s All

kelvin – Sat, 2010 – 10 – 30 19:01

Did anyone record 10/30/10

Did anybody record today's pass while the Col was working voice? I believe I made a contact , but I think I may have missed him saying back my callsign while I was transmitting.

w3vd – Sat, 2010 – 10 – 30 18:43

October 28th

iss contact

i made a youtube video of the pass of 10/27/2010 it is on youtube it is about 8 mins but has a few contacts included mine

kj4ecd – Thu, 2010 – 10 – 28 16:59

October 27th

Nothing over Europe ...

I am trying for some time to contact NA1SS from Serbia but I never hear Voice on 145.800.
Often there is activity on PACKET on 145.825.

When there is NO activity on PACKET I was hoping that there is a good chance to hear VOICE but again - nothing.

Last night (27.oct.2010) nothing on VOICE or PACKET over Europe at 23:02 UTC. As I can see here there is VOICE activity over USA around that time.
Is NA1SS making contacts with Europe or it is only USA?

I tried VHF uplink 145.200 (Europe ITU Region 1) and 144.490 (ITU Region 2&3) and nothing happened.

YU3SSP – Thu, 2010 – 10 – 28 03:05

N5JF 3 new contacts ISS that makes 10 in all these 3 Exp. 25

Hi gang this has sure been fun.On 9-27-10 at 19:56 utc my 8th contact with the ISS, first with Exp. 25. On THE 9th contact I asked Commander Wheelock how T2 was running that was fun he gave A funny reply.My 10 th contact was today 10-27-10 at 22:43 utc the 8th and 9th contacts were on this site along with others maybe todays will also be uploaded soon.Thanks ISS and ISS fan club for A great ride hope to catch Col. Wheelock in the next 4 weeks as he is due to come home around the 30th of November.
73"s all Joe N5JF <><

N5JF – Wed, 2010 – 10 – 27 21:13

that was just faded away...

I'm in Michigan, and tonight's ISS fly-by was scheduled for 8:18:56 PM, and I was outside to see it. As it came into view, it got brighter and brighter. Soon enough it was directly overhead and very bright. Then, within a few seconds, it just faded to nothing...gone. I've never seen it do that before. Does anyone know why it does that? Did it do something to fade from view entirely? Plz advz. It's gonna fly over all this week thru Sunday.

rongermanjr – Wed, 2010 – 10 – 27 20:39

October 25th

ISS Time?

anyone know, does the iss work on UTC time? or is it syced to a us timezone?

n2jfd – Mon, 2010 – 10 – 25 11:15

ISS Schedule?

been serching the site and cant seem to find the daily schedule for the iss, does anyone have a link to where i might find it or know where on the nasa site it is?

n2jfd – Mon, 2010 – 10 – 25 11:03

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