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December 23rd

ISS packet FAQ ???

ok, i'm seein all sorts of packets go by on each pass. did i see someone try to login to the ISS like an old-school PBBS ??? APRS? direct packet connect?

pretend i don't know anything about packet other than how to wire up my TNC,
and also pretend i now want to play packet with the ISS. Does anyone have any
sort of "intro" or "faq" for ISS packet that covers the settings and protocols?
wide what? digi who? via huh?

thanks for any info, linx, flowers, etc.

73 de AF6MQ


af6mq – Thu, 2010 – 12 – 23 23:41

December 22nd

E.T. Shadow experiment is on.

Hello folks,

I have just received an email from Valentin regards the Shadow experiment on the ISS and ground operations.

As follows,

Dear friends!

VK3UKF – Wed, 2010 – 12 – 22 21:15

iss update

now that iss crew is up to 6 the iss will now be able to work on more science research. Also the expedition 26 crew can now prepare for iss arives for next year. almost every space craft will vist the issfirst htv, the atv last shuttle fight dragon flights and progress, so it looks like a busy year.

griffinh – Wed, 2010 – 12 – 22 10:00

December 20th

Christophe F1MOJ

Many thanks to Christophe for the quick reply to my ISS QSL's.
From me sending to receiving them today, 2 weeks.
Especially at Christmas time, quick turnaround!


m3pog – Mon, 2010 – 12 – 20 15:08

December 11th

so is that it for ISS voice contacts?

well now that col wheelock is safely back on earth, is that it for voice contacts from the ISS.

n2jfd – Sat, 2010 – 12 – 11 16:34

December 10th

Col. Doug Wheelock

At 5:45pm CST I received a phone call from Doug.
As we were finishing our conversation he asked if I would get the word out to the rest of the group that He misses us making our attempts as much as we miss him answering back "November Alpha 1 Sierra Sierra ... Welcome Aboard the International Space Station".
He hopes to maybe be able to get another mission aboard the ISS in the near future and be able to make contact with us once again.
73 all
Darryl - K5DGY
for Col. Doug Wheelock - KF5BOC

K5DGY – Fri, 2010 – 12 – 10 21:34

December 7th

I'm looking for a recording of the ISS on October 26th 2010 on the east coast of USA

Does anyone have a recording of the Oct 26th over the US East coast at approximately 6:20 PM?

N2PCA Northwest NJ – Tue, 2010 – 12 – 07 16:35

December 5th

Hope Nasa see's how close they brought Iss to so many

Col wheelocks voice on the avarage scanner and the ham radio's in so many homes throughout the WORLD. come on Nasa read the hand writing on the wall.
This program ARISS/RS0ISS is a winner and promotes far more intrest in the space program,
Not for the onboard experements but the chance for ALL of us to hear and talk to the dedicated voices (and our tax dollars). in space from outside the confines of the earth.

KF7LWI – Sun, 2010 – 12 – 05 12:45

December 1st

Audio of Cdr Wheelock on 10 Year Anniversary of ISS

Commander Doug Wheelock announcing 10 years of human presence in space on board the International Space Station. Video of the audio can be seen here

stupidfatkid@gm... – Wed, 2010 – 12 – 01 10:32

November 30th

NA1SS antenna

curious to know what type of antenna the ISS uses for the 2mtr operations,
and the location of it on spaceship

wd4ham – Tue, 2010 – 11 – 30 13:13

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