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October 20th

Voice contact

What is happening with Richard during the Europe passes ? From 2-3 days I don't hear him, only SSTV.

YO9ICT – Mon, 2008 – 10 – 20 06:36

October 19th

QSL Cards

I was just wondering can I use E-QSL in place of regular QSL cards to send to ARRL to obtain a card from ISS.For modes worked.

Thanx De KB0OWD

rpfpd9976 – Mon, 2008 – 10 – 20 00:48

Hawaii JOTA contact, 1615z 19-Oct

Fellow ISS Fans, Richard W5KWQ was able to make a Jamboree On The Air contact with Boy Scout Troop 49 on 145.800 at 1615z today. It was a 87 degree ascending pass, and therefore with a large doppler shift and a long passtime. Two or three scouts made their first space contact using the troop callsign WH6DIN, and Trenton WH7RB made a contact with his own callsign. Trenton has been a ham since October 7th. This is his first DX contact, and his first space contact. Troopmaster Richard WH7HZ tried, but W5KWQ had faded over the distant mountains.

Many thanks goes to Bob, NH6XO who steered Richard to the JOTA troop waiting for those scouts' most sought after contact!

AH6RH – Sun, 2008 – 10 – 19 23:21

ISS Voice Recordings, East Coast USA

I'll be adding MP3 audio and SSTV images to my website about 15 minutes after each pass:

If you have audio of Richard W5KWQ/NA1SS talking to N2QDK, Mike in Albany at 19 Oct 2008 13:29 UTC, please email me! mikewren at gmail dot com

So far, I have audio for these QSO's:

18 Oct 2008 18:12 UTC

* KA1DLK - Also calls for WF1F, Richard says he doesn't have SpaceCam1 installed on his PC
* NM3M

18 Oct 2008 16:37 UTC

* WF1F - Richard hopes people are enjoying the personal SSTV pictures, technical discussion of hardware

N2QDK – Sun, 2008 – 10 – 19 15:12

SSTV pictre frequency

Hi all

Some feedback regarding the frequency of SSTV pictures sent.

The delay between pictures seems to run to several minutes. Whilst one does not wish to overtax the radio (it is a long way to get a repairman), the frequency of pictures could probably be increased to one every 2 minutes or perhaps higher. At the moment it seems to be about one every 5 minutes or so which only allows 1 or 2 pictures per pass.

In any event thanks for the great pictures Richard.

Hoping someone can relay this message up to Richard.


Peter VK3PB

vk3pb – Sun, 2008 – 10 – 19 08:11

October 18th

Special QSL for Richard Garriott

Hi all

Does anyone know whether Richard will be providing a special QSL card (ie he has a special QSL manager for this trip to the ISS) or whether we just QSL through the regular contacts?

Thanks Peter VK3PB

vk3pb – Sat, 2008 – 10 – 18 20:25

ISS voice over North America

A very clear strong voice contact between Richard W5KWQ & Jeff WB2SYK Syracuse, NY. ..Congrats Jeff nicely done!!

You can listen to voice qso's copied at kc2pcr here:

kc2pcr – Sat, 2008 – 10 – 18 13:22

ISS voice over Europe 18.10.08 11:35 UTC

Czech republic JN89HI, city Blansko


petrbk – Sat, 2008 – 10 – 18 11:40

ISS recording of downlink with Budbrooke Primary School - 17/10/08

Here is a recording made in Liverpool, England of Richard Garriott, W5KWQ in contact with Budbrooke Primary School, Warwick England.

You can listen to the recording here


5thelement – Sat, 2008 – 10 – 18 10:24

"MESSAGE TO ALL" rcvd at 143.625 MHZ on 18. October 2008 ~1007UTC

Here ist the link with the message from Richard Garriott: [url][/url] 73es55de Christian in JN77SN
SWL-CHMY – Sat, 2008 – 10 – 18 06:41

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