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February 7th


The title sums up the question

I went to their homepage

and check the faqs and frequencies used to retransmit, but it doesnt look like it's been updated in a while. it says " The next Space Shuttle mission is planned to be STS-120, Discovery. Launch is targeted for October 23, 2007." ---- LOL

so just curious if they still do retansmissions or not anymore.

thanks ---


kb0zuu – Thu, 2008 – 02 – 07 20:03

Go Atlantis go ........

guys go to ISS to work and got a possible Amateur Radio contacts.....


PY4MAB – Thu, 2008 – 02 – 07 16:20

February 5th

John Locker on the NYT

John Locker is today interviewed by the New York Times.
Congratulations John, and keep up with the good work!

Read the article

alain – Tue, 2008 – 02 – 05 14:53

February 2nd

UISS version 5.2.1 Released, with MapView 2.1.0

Following feedback from his general release last month, Guy Roels ON6MU has released an updated UISS version 5.2.1. This release includes an updated version of MapView 2.1.0. His new program can be downloaded at

Please consider registering. Thank you.

Nigel G4DCQ – Sat, 2008 – 02 – 02 10:18

February 1st

Trying to track the ISS

Hallo into the Round,
I'm trying to track ISS, put in all data, and after all has been sorted out appropriately,
after 5-10 min no data are given for the next 10 days as requested.
Will ISS be invisible for the next 10 days for the Bali-Indonesia-Area ?
Is the mesospheric albedo already so far spread out,
that you can say in advance, where it will be visible and
where the accumulated water in the mesosphere will be obscuring ISS?
The only data given is next pass in 18 mins and 2 sec.,
but on your map the ISS is SES of us near Perth now and the local sky has since the
last Re-Orbiting Manoeuvre (11.01.2008) a very high hazy cloud-layer which lets

klasse35 – Sat, 2008 – 02 – 02 03:54

Kenwood Internal TNC's and UISS

Greetings all-

I'm running the TS-2000 and the D710 and I have yet to find a TNC setting
in UISS which works with them. The MFJ-1278 will at least function in RX.

Anyone have the answer to this?



Bob_AB5N – Fri, 2008 – 02 – 01 22:20

January 31st

ISS crossband contacts

Heard several successful contacts via crossband repeater on ISS with several stations. 1815 local time Houston.

Blexcroid – Thu, 2008 – 01 – 31 20:44

January 26th


I have a question for the group.... I've noticed lately that people are connecting to the ISS BBS on most every pass.....and I've also noticed that the stations that are connecting are new calls that I haven't seen before. Have they just not read...or done any leg work to understand accepted protocol ....?? I thought I read awhile ago that people using the BBS should use the later this etched in stone or do I just need to accept the fact that I can't digi my aprs info during these passes?

Any help in clearing this up would be greatly appreciated....

Gary N2NRJ

N2NRJ – Sat, 2008 – 01 – 26 16:08

January 24th

Fun, light-hearted ISS team Interview

I just read this fun story and watched a neat video with Dan Tani and Peggy Whitson here. It's nice to see them getting the chance to just relax every now and then.

gravitygal – Thu, 2008 – 01 – 24 20:27

The top of the message ISS list.

Jan 24 2008, 22:50 UTC, orbit 52576 +59mins

Welcome to RS0ISS's message board
System Ver 1.50 88792 Bytes free
Msg# Size TS Date Time From To @ BBS Subject
263 51 /0848 LW6DC >ALL Hello friends
259 126 16-Mar/1728 VK2MAL>ALL G'day from Australia
258 45 16-Mar/1410 VK6IQ >ALL message deletion
256 507 P$ 16-Mar/1319 WF1F >ALL test 2
253 22 /0143 VE1WRG>ALL w ALL
251 66 $ 15-Mar/1316 DL2BFN>ALL TO ALL
249 142 15-Mar/0331 ZU1LEG>ALL

VK3UKF – Thu, 2008 – 01 – 24 19:54

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