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Newbie needs help

Hey everyone, I'm a general newbie to Ham, and a big newbie to ISS communication and I need your opinion. I'm based out of Long Island, NY, and I live right in the middle of the Long Island and the only equipment I have available to me is a Yaesu FT-60R. I'm a tech license and I want to know what are my options, if any, to contact ISS on a passover? Any tips and advice are welcome and if I didn't provide enough relevant information feel free to ask for more.


KC2RGZ – Fri, 2007 – 05 – 04 17:06

Future ISS amateur radio modes (from SAREX)

Not beeing part of AMSAT I would ask Kenneth about this issue and the planned reprogramming of the D700.

Kenneth wrote:

Currently, the
Kenwood radio is being used as a prime radio for everything. That means
changing it from one mode to the next a lot. The simplest switch is from
voice to packet (3 steps). Activation of the crossband repeater is
(unfortunately) a 27 step process and therefore is crew intensive. That
is a major driver in it's activation.

Does the ARISS team plan to reprogramm the radio in a way that just 1 step is needed to change mode ?

HB9OAY – Fri, 2007 – 05 – 04 04:51

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