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October 28th

SuitSat 1 Certificates available!

Hi folks,

Just came back from the 2007 AMSAT-NA Space Symposium in Pittsburgh. What a great conference! Frank Bauer gave a very nice overview on current and future ARISS activities and also handed out the new SuitSat certificates.

They will arrive soon. Since I am still at the airport in Pittsburgh, I will post a copy sometimes tonight when I get back to Winnipeg.

Thanks to all who made this such a great event. Your work is very much appreciated.

73, Stefan VE4NSA

VE4NSA – Sun, 2007 – 10 – 28 14:03

Just returned from Cape Canaveral

Dear friends,
today I returned home from Cape Canaveral where I assisted to the launch of Space Shutttle Discovery for the STS 120 Mission.
One of the crew memeber is my brother in low Paolo Nespoli,a very very special person for all his family and friends.
He is doing a great job on the ISS to deliver Node 2.
I really hope all things will go well till the landin of the orbiter!
A big ciao to all of you,

ik2cmn – Sun, 2007 – 10 – 28 08:25

October 25th

When is ISS ham radio required to power down...

In response to the following comment in the Amateur Radio packet status section, "Somebody forgot to turn off the 'Ham Radio' during the Shuttle docking this morning ;-). No uplink but RS0ISS was beaconing packet... "

The ham radio is only required to be powered down for Russian Vehicle proximity operations (Soyuz and Progress Docking, Undocking and Relocations) and space walks. It is [u]not[/u] required for Shuttle, ATV or HTV docking or undocking.

That being said, expect the radios are to be powered off to support the 5 EVA events planned for this shuttle mission (STS-120). Hopefully that will resolve the beacon only state the radio is in.

N5VHO – Thu, 2007 – 10 – 25 14:58

October 20th

3 videos of iss qso with malaysia for download

go to

3 videos of iss qso with malaysia for download

73 Ian G3ZHI

- many ham radio links

G4NJI IRLP 5200 Echolink 135909
Rotherham simplex 145.2875mhz

Skype g3zhiian
VoiP 642109

Mobile: 0798 473 2058

g3zhi – Sat, 2007 – 10 – 20 15:48

October 11th

ISSf Crew Keyboard RS0ISS-4

Good evening all. This is Mike W1MWB a new ARISS enthusiast. I love using the packet system and have been talking to others in my radio club about trying it out. I have 2 questions about the ISS.

1. IS there any projected time of day when the crew keyboard usually is monitored by a live person? RS0ISS-4 is usually the first thing I try during a pass. I've all but given up on the PBBS because only one person can stay connected to RS0ISS-11 and I usually get bumped off. I've been using the UNPROTO settings to talk to other hams on the system.

2. Are there any windows of opportunity to find ISS crew operating voice? Is voice on the same freq? I look forward to any replies. 73 and SEE YOU ON THE ISS PACKET SYSTEM!

W1MWB – Thu, 2007 – 10 – 11 21:58

Walter Cunningham, former Apollo 7 astronaut will be visiting fans and signing autographs at the Galleria Mall in Houston

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of space travel and his recent edgy Op-Ed article published in the Houston Chronicle, former Apollo 7 Astronaut, Walter Cunningham, will be visiting and autographing copies of his audio book, ‘The All-American Boys', on October 13, 2007 from 2pm-4pm. The signing will be held at the FYE store located inside the Galleria Mall in Houston, TX. As added entertainment, Mr. Cunningham will also perform a live reading of excerpts from the audio book.

 Touted as "the best of all the astronaut books" by the Los Angeles Times, ‘The All-American Boys' is a no-holds-barred candid memoir journaling astronauts in all their strengths and weaknesses. It includes an insider's view of the pervasive "astropolitics" and thoughtful discussion of the Columbia tragedy. ‘The All-American Boys' resonates with Cunningham's passion for humanity's destiny in space which endures today. This audio book is narrated by Walter Cunningham himself.

davidkuti – Thu, 2007 – 10 – 11 14:04

October 10th

ISS bbs messages.

Hello All,

I have tried the ISS BBS yesterday and today.
See the messages below.

73's Cor PD0RKC
ISS info:

Welcome to RS0ISS's message board
System Ver 1.50 110152 Bytes free
Msg# Size TS Date Time From To @ BBS Subject
Welcome to RS0ISS's message board
System Ver 1.50 110152 Bytes free
Msg# Size TS Date Time From To @ BBS Subject
23 68 01-Dec/0401 DL6SDA>ALL Regards
21 97 30-Nov/1110 K7WIN >ALL Hello from USA
20 93 30-Nov/0312 CX1AQN>ALL

pd0rkc – Wed, 2007 – 10 – 10 13:13

Doncaster South Yorks UK Shuttle Crew in Town Nov 15th 2007

Doncaster South Yorks UK Shuttle Crew in Town Nov 15th 2007

The crew members of mission STS-118, Endeavour, pose for their official portrait. Pictured from the left are mission specialists Richard A. (Rick) Mastracchio, Barbara R. Morgan, Pilot Charles O. Hobaugh, Commander Scott J. Kelly and mission specialists Tracy E. Caldwell, Canadian Space Agency's Dafydd R. (Dave) Williams, and Alvin Drew Jr. Credit: NASA.

IT might be a small part of a national tour but it's a giant coup for Doncaster...

The last crew of space shuttle Endeavour will be swapping a view of earth for a glance at St George's Church and The Hub when they land in Doncaster next month.

g3zhi – Wed, 2007 – 10 – 10 04:09

October 9th

Is it possible, that global heavy weather is being influenced by ISS and supportive Space Flights ?

klasse35 - October 10, 2007 - 00:18
At the European Meteorological Meeting"Sur La Physique des Nuages" in Clermont-Ferrand way back
in 1980 a NASA-Deputee gave a talk on (1981) upcoming shuttle start. (publ. as WO-PHYS-1980)
He named as Propellant some Ammonia-preparation /Ammonium-Perchlorate, NH4-Cl-O5/
in Combination with Aluminium-Oxyde as Oxygen-Donator and the Metal Al as Katalyst /Al2-O3/
and as Burning Protractor PCB/ a longtime persistant chlorinated organic substance).
Mr.Hindman jr. gave to know, that after start within 73 seconds this Explosive, here used "tamed" as

klasse35 – Tue, 2007 – 10 – 09 14:02

October 8th

solo Pacific Ocean rowers

Hi everyone,
ISS again on Radiowaves, exactly on 145825 simplex, real passing above you about 15<>18 minutes after maps said, check it.tks.

and now all together for a nice goal; ISS calling solo rowers on maritime Ch16, for any support in special a first hand meteo data. we are trying it. they are not alone.

Just to inform you about Erden, this person who is now rowing solo today 20071008 at aprx. 11N and 150W destination in Brisbane AUS.
and Ralph, who is actually on Atafu Atoll, see reports on >
Why we do this?... only with intention of giving and sending them the Best message of a very good draft of wind of Happiness, Cheer Up, Courage, Spirit, Radio Up-range, Weather Support and Most important; Human Resources.

ToniG – Mon, 2007 – 10 – 08 14:23

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