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December 30th

ISS activity over Oz Dec 30 2007 16:40 UTC

Report UISS v5.1.0 [ON6MU (c)2001-2006]
Report Save Date=12-31-2007 Local-Time=03:44:23 UTC-Time=16:44

Callsign :VK3UKF
Latitude :37.52.32S

Stations Heard
VK3UKF 31/12/2007 3:32:49 AM
VK4TEC 31/12/2007 3:38:33 AM
RS0ISS-4 31/12/2007 3:39:14 AM
RS0ISS-11 31/12/2007 3:39:52 AM

Total Stations = 4

Received Packet Frames

Port1 with SoundCard On COM1: VHF Sats 1200 baud
Fm VK3UKF To APU16N [03:32:48]
=3752.32S/14442.01E-VK3UKF Australia

VK3UKF – Sun, 2007 – 12 – 30 12:51

December 29th


Welcome to RS0ISS's message board
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F4ERG 04:14:48
DM2KGB 04:17:26
DC4XA 05:46:12
F4UGF 05:49:13
PD0RKC-5 05:50:52
I6VMS 05:52:34


PY4MAB – Sat, 2007 – 12 – 29 18:20

December 27th

Space station message listFrom ea6 Mallorca Island

cmd:*** CONNECTED to RS0ISS-11
Welcome to RS0ISS's message board
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You have following mails waiting.
Msg# Size TS Date Time From To @ BBS Subject
105 98 P$ 16-Feb/1553 LU8YY >EA6XQ Felicidades
103 76 $ 16-Feb/0455 TR8CA >ALL Merry christmas
102 35 Y 16-Feb/0447 EA6XQ >LU8YY Feliz Navidad
101 64 B$ 16-Feb/0445 EA6XQ >ALL Merry Christmas and Happy New
99 390 $ /0316 CU7AAF>ALL
98 26 $ 14-Feb/0537 F1AHH >ALL hello

ea6xq – Thu, 2007 – 12 – 27 04:54

December 24th

APRS via the ISS

Hi all,

I have often watched the ISS fly past , it's absolutely beautiful to see!

Looking at the AMSAT pages and information on the ISS active frequencies , I see APRS is operational on 145.825 Mhz simplex. I would like to try and digipeat my APRS position via the ISS using a TH-D7A(g) handheld and hombrew "Arrow" type yagi. Must the path be APRS via ARISS ? The comments on the Internet are sometimes way outdated and possibly no longer applicable?

Best 73's de Eddie ZS6BNE

zs6bne – Mon, 2007 – 12 – 24 04:20

December 22nd

Radios off for Progress undock

The radios have been powered off in preparation of the Progress undocking.

A new Progress cargo carrier is scheduled to dock to the International Space Station's Pirs docking compartment at 3:25 a.m. EST Wednesday after a launch just after 2:10 a.m. Sunday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The station's 27th unpiloted Progress spacecraft brings to the orbiting laboratory almost 2.5 tons of propellant, oxygen and dry cargo.

While the Expedition 16 crew members wait for the Progress, they have received more than 6,000 greetings from Earth through a link on the home page.

N5VHO – Sat, 2007 – 12 – 22 11:17

Problems with sending APRS data to internet

I seem to be having issues sending data onto the internet that I am receiving.
I set up UI-VIEW on the satgate servers and the data I receive does not appear on raw data lists when I search on
This morning as the main servers appear ot be down I have logged onto the ahubswe server for the UK and even though UI-VIEW confirmed sendinf these packets to the Internet:

2007-Dec-22 10:33:27 PA3GUO-8>APRS,ANDE-2*:
:email email via ANDE-2
2007-Dec-22 10:33:33 ANDE-2>BEACON:
2007-Dec-22 10:34:00 ANDE-1>BEACON:

G7THL – Sat, 2007 – 12 – 22 06:51

December 21st

APRS server settings for SATGATE?

Hi, can anyone tell me what server/port I should be using to forward APRS data I am receiving from ARISS?

73's Dave G7THL

G7THL – Fri, 2007 – 12 – 21 10:53

Space Station message list from Oz, VK3UKF

Hello to everyone,

I have just downloaded this lot from the ISS.

I didn't quite get the last line, nor get to read any messages
Next time, yes?

Welcome to RS0ISS's message board
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Msg# Size TS Date Time From To @ BBS Subject
89 222 $ /0236 G7THL >ALL Helloe from England
85 64 B$ /0147 LU8YY >ALL Saludos desde Neuquen
83 228 /1315 NH7WN >ALL

VK3UKF – Fri, 2007 – 12 – 21 09:41

December 16th

Mobile satgate

I've recently been experimenting with igates and satgates to receive APRS packets digipeated via the ISS.

I've devised a mobile set up using a Yaesu FT-8100R and an Open Tracker 2 to act as a digipeater to relay ISS packets on 145.825 MHz to the terrestrial APRS network on 144.800 MHz (or 145.390 MHz in the US).

With three radio memory channels and two profiles on the Open Tracker 2 it can now operate as a mobile terrestrial tracker, mobile ISS tracker, portable terrestrial digipeater or mobile satgate.

Rather than try and explain in on the forum I've added a page to my web page to describe the setup.

G4HYG – Sun, 2007 – 12 – 16 18:27

December 9th

ISS and UI-View/AGWTracker

Hi everybody!

I've searched the forum, but did not find anything related.

I want to display and send the ISS position on UI-View or on AGWTracker, but I haven't found the way to do this.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!


sal.fresco – Sun, 2007 – 12 – 09 11:16

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