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Do you believe our gov't is hiding the truth about ufo's ?

sonnychas – Thu, 2006 – 08 – 31 19:06

Why so reflective?

Why is the ISS so reflective? It is relatively large, relatively close, with reflective panels etc...but it still seems unbelievably bright in the night sky. Any other scientific reasons why it is so glaring?

george21 – Thu, 2006 – 08 – 31 10:58

August 26th

New station video a glimpse of the future

With STS115 about to kick start the construction programme I thought it
would be fun to predict how the station might look to observers from the
ground , near completion.

Using actual imagery I have placed a simulation at :

...its also on the main page.

alongside the latest video from August 24th .



G7MIZ – Sat, 2006 – 08 – 26 07:56

August 25th

Thanks for the new Amateur Radio Status for SSTV!


I willl say tnx STAFFS for this new status report for SSTV.
Better for all to see if SSTV active or not.

73de SWL-CHMY, Christian

SWL-CHMY – Fri, 2006 – 08 – 25 12:48

ARISS Contact August 2006 / STS-115 Mission

- ARISS Contact - Reece High School/Devonport Maritime Museum, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia - 2006-08-18
- ARISS Contact - Teven-Tintenbar Public School, Tintenbar, NSW Australia. - 2006-08-11
- ARISS Contact - Robinson Elementary School, Anderson, Indiana, USA. 2006-08-02

Audio Links

STS-115 Mission:



john01 – Fri, 2006 – 08 – 25 06:02

August 24th

Swing set physics

Seems like we burn a lot of go-juice getting getting go-juice up there. Can't we just ask these guys just stick their legs out at the top and pull them in again at the bottom?

AD5TF – Fri, 2006 – 08 – 25 02:16


Can anyone tell me how they know SuitSat-1 is still in space? Has it got a gps on it? Or can they see it from the ISS? It has just been announced that its still in space.

Tnx, Gerry VE6GP

VE6GP – Thu, 2006 – 08 – 24 21:23


I´m a new member and I´ve got a question about ISS polarization. I know that polarization changes 4 times (I think) but, in what cases change? when can I expect the polarization change? I´d like to control when the polarization changes, does any traking program control this parameter? as doppler effect...
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english

slopezll – Thu, 2006 – 08 – 24 13:45

August 21st

What´s going on? On the ISS?

Why we do not receive signals in each modes from the ISS?
Have they problems with the equipment or have they
forgotten to turn on the radio?
What is the reason?


SWL-CHMY – Tue, 2006 – 08 – 22 02:56

August 18th

Wanted - Signal report

Anybody copy the ISS signal directly during the 1038 UTC pass over California on Aug 18? Reports on signal quality would be greatly appreciated.

Kenneth - N5VHO

N5VHO – Fri, 2006 – 08 – 18 10:34

Date UTC Az El Lat Lon Orbit Vis

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