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April 30th


How are North American Stations able to get in to ISS on APRS at the moment but nobody else?
Also it seems to me the downlink is a bit weaker recently, any ideas anyone ? How about you Cor if you are reading this ?

MM0EFJ – Sun, 2006 – 04 – 30 16:35

[UISS Mheard Stations List: Date 04-30-2006 * Time 12:42:19 *

[UISS Mheard Stations List: Date 04-30-2006 * Time 12:42:19 * Total stations heard:6 ]

The UPLink is now 145990.
Best 73
Mauro Basilio

PP5MCB – Sun, 2006 – 04 – 30 10:49

April 29th

ISS BRAZIL - APRS MODE 29/04/2006 - UPLink 145200Mhz

ISS Brazil on 13:48 29/04/2006 - UPLink 145200Mhz

[UISS Auto-Log date - Mode: All Packets - 04-29-2006]
Fm PP5MCB To APRS Via ARISS [13:47:10]
:EMAIL 73 Mauro PP5MCB Via ISS
Fm PP5MCB To APRS Via ARISS [13:47:20]
=2743.24S/04854.00W` Mauro Aguas Mornas Brasil

Fm RS0ISS-3 To P0PPP0 Via SGATE,WIDE [13:47:24]

Fm PP5MCB To APRS Via RS0ISS-3* [13:49:03]
=2743.24S/04854.00W` Mauro Aguas Mornas Brasil

PP5MCB – Sat, 2006 – 04 – 29 12:24

April 26th

Progress 21/ Progress M-56 Docking to ISS

- Progress 21/ Progress M-56 Docking to ISS

- Expedition 13 Training TORU docking system

- Photo-reports: Progress 21/ Progress M-56 launch

- Science Officer Jeff Williams - replacement of RPCM

- Science Officer Jeff Williams worked on the TVIS


Anonymous – Wed, 2006 – 04 – 26 13:49

April 25th

ISS packet! do NOT send aprs to region 1 freq!!!!!!!!!

Hello All,

From pms reports I saw the ISS radio is in Region 1 mode.
After voice operation (from Russian cosmonaut Pavel) he
forgot often to switch back to normal aprs freq (145.990 TXup).

Please STOP sending aprs to 145.200.

If crew operate in voice in the future they will hear
many aprs-packet bursts and I can imagen they will stop

So PLEASE DO NOT send APRS on 145.200!!!!!

73's Cor PD0RKC

pd0rkc – Tue, 2006 – 04 – 25 16:30

April 23rd

OK I give up how do you do this?

I have UISS installed and setup and have the soundcard TNC setup. How do I use this? I can't see anything coming out of UISS but I can hear the packet clear as day. I tried to send messages and position data but I don't know if it went anywhere.

Can someone give me a quick introduction to how to actually send and receive the messages?


mung – Sun, 2006 – 04 – 23 20:21

UISS Mheard Stations List on Brazil

Today I have listed this station. The UPLink is still 145200.
73 All
Mauro Basilio

[UISS Mheard Stations List: Date 04-23-2006 * Time 16:19:44 * Total stations heard:4 ]

PP5MCB – Sun, 2006 – 04 – 23 15:27


23rd,april 2006 at 19:44:20 utc made contact with RS0ISS.
Maybe someone record this qso.I want records for history.Thanks all my hart.

yo4btb – Sun, 2006 – 04 – 23 15:08

April 19th

Iss Uplink working?

The last two passes (0625utc April 20,2006) I have tried to send messages via ISS and can't! I only receive roiss-3 and that is it. My station has been down due to a move and I finally got it up and working. (So I thought) Is ISS uplink working or did I miss something?
Thomas KC7BFK Washington State USA

N7BFK – Thu, 2006 – 04 – 20 01:37

April 18th

Parabens Cel Marcos Pontes

Parabens pela sua vitoria que e' tambem de todos os brasileiros. Falo no sentido cientifico, pioneiro e corajoso de sua missao Como radioamador estou feliz. Acompanhei as infundadas critcas que lhe foram dirigidas em uma lista de discussao e sempre o defendi. Sei que existem muitas coisas e interesses por tras de tudo mas o seu comportamento sempre foi etico e profissional. Instituiram ate um cartao para o radioamador que nao falasse com voce mas no fim o que se viu foi um grande numero de colegas lhe contactando em varias oportunidades? E o tiro saiu pela culatra.

Cel. Marcos Pontes,

py6prs – Tue, 2006 – 04 – 18 19:01

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