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February 27th

need a few "voice contact" basics confirmed please


I love this website, very nicely done! Can you help me with a few things regarding voice contact?

This past Saturday evening I had a real nice pass opportunity of about 10 minutes at an elevation of roughly 60 degrees. I know I wasn't using the best set up in the world… I was in a mobile (can't set two bands at once, either!) at 50 watts using a whip antenna. However, I had one channel in my radio set on the transmit freq and the channel next to it on the receive, plus a hand held scanner on the receive only to monitor the downlink. As the ISS entered the window, I started to hear digital signals like APRS or whatever, and it grew louder as the pass progressed, then faded as the time expired, so I assume it was ISS. In between bursts, which were spaced about 30 seconds apart, I tried a few quick calls on the transmit frequency to NA1SS, immediately switching the radio to the receive channel to listen, but never got a reply (no surprise really as they could have been busy, etc). As I am in Region 2, I used 145.800Mhz (FM) to hear the ISS and 144.490Mhz to transmit to the ISS. I notice also that the APRS/packet downlink frequency is 145.800Mhz, so here is where I get confused:

Anonymous – Mon, 2006 – 02 – 27 10:03

February 26th

ISS Fan Club Tracking s/w

I love the ease of the user interface on the ISS fan club tracking program however I've noticed substantial differences between the pass predictions from it compared to other prediction s/w. Last night the prediction was about 4 minutes earlier than the ISS. I also sometimes find the attitude & azmiuth to be significantly different as well. Is there anything a user needs to do to correct for this for their local area? The location I am using is less than 1 mile from my station, so it should be relatively accurate.
Thank you in advance.

Blexcroid – Sun, 2006 – 02 – 26 18:46

My first ISS packet radio recepcion.

I´m very happy today. I used a homebrew arrow antenna for receiving a powerfull packet radio signal from ISS. Stations displayed in UISS: EA5AEL and CT2ECS. From Madrid, Spain. 18:44 UTC

Next time I wish to hear to Bill or Valery in 145.800 Mhz.

SWL-EA – Sun, 2006 – 02 – 26 15:13

February 25th

ISS repeater back? (and random thoughts)

It would appear that SuitSat, at least as it relates to the operation of the FM repeater aboard ISS, has concluded. Will the repeater now revert to normal operation with the 145.800 down / 437.800 up pair?

This may seem a silly question but I am unfamiliar with the repeater in practical terms... never attempted to work it before. I imagine that it's likely not active during packet or V/V (direct) FM voice due to the shared downlink frequency.

If I might also make a suggestion with regard to the site:
Is it possible to create an easily accessible "FAQ" type page that addresses the circumstances leading to operation of packet vs. voice (ie astronaut work schedules), as well as (in terms of circumstances, as there is no set schedule I know of) when one is likely to encounter the repeater in operation?

Anonymous – Sun, 2006 – 02 – 26 00:57

Add one more country to Bill's count...


I just received an e-mail from Paul A35RK on the island of Tonga, who reported having a 5-minute QSO with Bill at NA1SS today (Saturday, 25 February 2006) 1723 UTC. Using an old Kenwood mobile radio (model not specified) running 50 watts into a groundplane antenna. Paul said the signals peaked at S-7 and were nearly full-quieting for the contact. Paul mentioned that Bill asked him to submit his QSL card toward Bill's DXCC award. How about that - the astronaut knows the drill, needing the QSL cards to get the awards.

With the redesign of the web site, I don't know where that list of countries Bill has worked went. Wherever it is, add one more to the count.

WD9EWK – Sat, 2006 – 02 – 25 15:31

Space Station Audio

I hope this is just a blip. Tried to log into the [b]Space Station Audio[/b] today (12.46 UTC) and the Real Player message comes up stating that the "Requested File Is Not Found...The Link May Be Outdated" The Nasa TV still seems to be ok. I really enjoy listening to the Space to Ground and vice verca communications. To lose this would be devastating so let's hope this is not permanent. [url][/url] PS. I like the new look to the ISS website but where have all the little Smileys gone? Smileys add a little fun and colour to posts!
Amm1UK – Sat, 2006 – 02 – 25 09:07

February 22nd

NA1SS in QSO with HL2JFM in Korea (29-jan).

NA1SS in QSO with HL2JFM in Korea (29-jan).

pd0rkc – Wed, 2006 – 02 – 22 09:54

February 20th

Packet and APRS recieving from ISS

Packet and APRS recieving from ISS

6equj5 – Mon, 2006 – 02 – 20 19:16

ARISS Contacts

ARISS Contacts

John44 – Mon, 2006 – 02 – 20 14:05

ISS Nasa Commentary

ISS Nasa Commentary
Amm1UK – Mon, 2006 – 02 – 20 12:20

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