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Spectacular visible pass with ISS flying 'into' the rising full moon.

To all ISS Lunatics: (punn intended)
This evening I heard packet on freq, realized ISS would be visable at that time of night, just after sunset and went out to have a look. Saw the ISS very bright in the sky....but this pass was 'out of the ordinary' in that (from my location) the orbital pathtook it right 'into' a rising full moon, which was at 8 degrees.
ISS appeared right on target, but went into shadow moments before 'hitting' the moon.
So I came inside and checked out Calsky. Turns out to be a close shave...

73s, Keith, zs6tw, kg44bd

From Calsky:
Ascending Orbit. Earth revolutions since launch: 46005.1

ZS6TW – Mon, 2006 – 12 – 04 16:37

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