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Mikhail Tyurin active Nov 19

Today I heard ISS Expedition 14 Flight Engineer Mikhail Tyurin on 145.800 MHz between 17:56 and 18:00 UTC. He answered questions about exercise on board the ISS to an unidentified interviewer. Asked 'how is the weather downstairs?' and stated that all he could see was cloud coverage (over the US North-East). LOS from my QTH happened at 18:00 UTC. Signal was perfect!

prutchi – Sun, 2006 – 11 – 19 15:48

re; contact with mikhail

Guys, Please don't interfere next time you hear him. If he's making a contact to a specific ground station, let it be. The interview was conducted by VA3JDL and myself. We will post more information on what we're doing in the days to come. All I ask is that you give mikhail a chance to answer his questions to the specific ground party.

If things go as planned we can take questions from at a pre-determined date and time. If Mikhail is willing to do it, and you guys are willing to submit the questions with your call-signs we can relay them to Mikhail. We CAN set this up if people cooperate with us. I will keep you guys posted.

ve3ioi – Sun, 2006 – 11 – 19 03:25

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