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August 15th, 2018

15 august re-scheduled contact to school in germany !

The ARISS connection was rescheduled for Alexander Gerst KF5ONO with the Matthes-Enderlein-Gymnasium Zwoenitz, Zwoenitz, Germany and Hohenstaufen-Gymnasium Kaiserslautern schools, Kaiserslautern, Germany.

The event was scheduled for August 13, 2018, but it did not go well; it was then rescheduled for today August 15th 2018 at 11:12 UTC (13:12 CEST).

The conversation will be conducted in German and will be in direct mode via DL0MEG and DL0XK.

Signal audible from Europe on 145.800 MHz FM.

IW2BSF – Wed, 2018 – 08 – 15 04:29

August 13th

How can we do live webcast on internet for our ARISS School programme?


Our club H.A.L. Scouts Group Amateur Radio Club (VU2LKO), Lucknow, India is coordinating the ARISS School contact programme at following schools:

1. Vidya Mandir Inter College, Meerut, India - 20-25th Aug 2018
2. Sri Timli Vidyapeeth, Pauri, India - 27-31Aug. 2018
3. Study Hall School, Lucknow, India - 03-06 Sept. 2018
4. Templeton Academy International, Nainital, India - 19-24th Nov.2018

Some schools want to do live webcast of their programme on internet.

Hence, we would like to know the exact procedure to do the same.

vu2dct – Tue, 2018 – 08 – 14 03:33

August 10th

3 School contacts on 13 and 14 August

There are 3 school contacts scheduled for 13 and 14 August:

Nagoya Technical High School, Nagoya, Japan, direct via JA2YNI
The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS
The scheduled astronaut is Ricky Arnold KE5DAU
Contact is a go for: Mon 2018-08-13 09:23:09 UTC 82 deg

Matthes-Enderlein-Gymnasium Zwönitz, Zwönitz, Germany and Hohenstaufen-Gymnasium Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern, Germany, direct via DLØMEG and DLØXK
The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be DPØISS
The scheduled astronaut is Alexander Gerst KF5ONO

PE1NTN – Fri, 2018 – 08 – 10 15:00

August 2nd

2018 the return of Packet Radio !!!

WOW ..... The Return of ARISS packet radio on ISS !!!

If you have missed APRS and packet radio from ISS (as ARISS has), you'll be happy to hear that a replacement system is on its way. When the packet module aboard ISS died in late 2017, the ARISS hardware team was heavily involved in design and safety certification of the new Interoperable Radio System (IORS). After basic troubleshooting and a few attempts to revive the failed module, we decided to dedicate our time to IORS and get it - with its packet and other capabilities - aboard ISS as soon as possible.

IW2BSF – Thu, 2018 – 08 – 02 16:07

July 16th

20 July contact to institute in Ufa, Russia !

20 July 2018 ISS contact with the institute "7th International Aerospace School" I.N. Sultanova Rep. Bashkortostan, Ufa, Russia.

at 20:15 UTC (22:15 for us) there is a contact between the cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev on board the ISS

the callsign will be RSØISS

The language used will be Russian and the link should be audible at least for a part of it from Europe.

The downlik is on the usual 145.800 Mhz FM (only RX !!!!)

73 de IW2BSF Rudy

IW2BSF – Mon, 2018 – 07 – 16 12:17

July 11th

SSTV trasmissions continue by ISS !!!

SSTV transmissions continue.....

SSTV transmissions from the Russian Service module on the International Space Station started June 29 on 145.800 MHz FM and they are still continuing

There may well be further transmissions up until July 13 when the equipment being used for the SSTV will be required for a school contact.

collegue G7HCE in Exeter noted that some adjustments have been made by the cosmonauts and the images are now being sent uncropped. For the first week the edges of the pictures were missing.

IW2BSF – Wed, 2018 – 07 – 11 06:11

July 10th

17 JULY school contact in Australia !

The time and date for the Essex Heights Primary school international Space Station contact has been announced.

Tuesday 17th July 2018 at 08:24:52 UTC

You will be able to watch this contact via live stream the link will be published on the home page of the school's


REMEMBER via live stream !

73 de IW2BSF Rudy

IW2BSF – Tue, 2018 – 07 – 10 13:41

July 8th

ISS SSTV active for long period

Good surprise getting from ISS, transmitting sstv images for number of days after planned schedule.

I received one more SSTV Image from Rajkot (Gujarat) India.

Grid Locator: ML52jh
Dt: 9 July 2018
0514 UTC
AOS: 308 deg
Max ele 33 deg
LOS: 157 deg

Tnx & 73's
Rajesh P. Vagadia
Rajkot - India

VU2EXP – Mon, 2018 – 07 – 09 02:08

Signing up to this site - what a business


I am new to this ISS lark so it took me AGES to find the Station's packet callsign. This is totally unnecessary as you have a Captcha too.



DrTeeth – Sun, 2018 – 07 – 08 10:40

July 1st

SSTV Image Question

In the recent SSTV activities I have an image with a somewhat small satellite on the left side upper corner. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what satellite that was? I thought maybe it was a ham radio satellite.


n8gbu – Sun, 2018 – 07 – 01 18:39

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