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November 30th

ISS Radio Report

YC3BVG – Tue, 2010 – 11 – 30 14:03

ISS Radio Report

YV5MM – Tue, 2010 – 11 – 30 13:15

NA1SS antenna

curious to know what type of antenna the ISS uses for the 2mtr operations,
and the location of it on spaceship

wd4ham – Tue, 2010 – 11 – 30 13:13

ISS Radio Report

N5VHO – Tue, 2010 – 11 – 30 13:02

ISS Expedition 24/25 Crew Back on Terra Firma

ISS Amateur Radio

After more than 160 days in space, ISS Expedition 25 Commander Doug Wheelock, KF5BOC -- along with Flight Engineers Shannon Walker, KD5DXB, and Fyodor Yurchikhin, RN3FI -- has returned to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS), landing in Kazakhstan on Friday, November 26. While on board the ISS, both Wheelock and Walker participated in the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program, and made 22 ISS-to-school and ISS-to-camp QSOs. In addition, Wheelock averaged about two dozen casual QSOs each week while on board the ISS.

N5VHO – Tue, 2010 – 11 – 30 11:00

ISS Radio Report

Anonymous – Tue, 2010 – 11 – 30 05:16

November 29th

Expedition 25 Returns Home

ISS News

Expedition 25 Commander Doug Wheelock and Flight Engineers Shannon Walker and Fyodor Yurchikhin safely landed their Soyuz spacecraft on the Kazakhstan steppe on Thursday, Nov. 25, 2010, wrapping up a five-month stay aboard the International Space Station.

Russian cosmonaut Yurchikhin, the Soyuz commander, was at the controls of the spacecraft as it undocked at 8:23 p.m. EST from the station's Rassvet module. The trio landed at 11:46 p.m. (10:46 a.m. on Nov. 26 local time) at a site northeast of the town of Arkalyk.

N5VHO – Mon, 2010 – 11 – 29 16:45

China Kicks Off Manned Space Station Program

Space News

China has formally begun its manned space station program, aiming to complete construction of a "relatively large" manned space laboratory around 2020, said a spokesman for the national manned space program.
China was aiming to develop and launch the first part of a space laboratory before 2016, focusing on breakthroughs in living conditions for astronauts and research applications, the spokesman said.

The country would develop and launch a core cabin and a second laboratory module around 2020, which would be assembled in orbit around the earth into a manned space station, he said.

N5VHO – Mon, 2010 – 11 – 29 14:21

ISS Radio Report

Anonymous – Mon, 2010 – 11 – 29 14:15

ARISS Status November 29, 2010


Topics in this report:
1. Italian Students Question Astronaut via ARISS
2. Video of Wheelock Working Ground Stations

1. Italian Students Question Astronaut via ARISS

N5VHO – Mon, 2010 – 11 – 29 11:38

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