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Astronauts Enter Kibo

ISS News

The shuttle and station crews opened the hatches to the newly installed Japanese laboratory Kibo at 5:05 p.m. EDT Wednesday. The experiment module was installed on the Harmony Node's port side Tuesday.

Mission specialists Karen Nyberg and Akihiko Hoshide prepared Kibo for activation before opening the hatches. Shortly after entering Kibo, the crew members sampled the air and tested for contamination. Crew members wore protective goggles and masks inside Kibo until they were sure the Japanese lab's air was clean.

Mission specialists Mike Fossum and Ron Garan will review procedures for their second spacewalk and sleep in the U.S. Quest airlock overnight to purge the nitrogen from their bodies. During Thursday's spacewalk, the second of the mission, the spacewalkers will outfit the new lab and prepare the Japanese logistics module for relocation.

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