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ISS Radio Report

CX8AF – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 23:01

Kenwood TH-F6A

I have a TH-F6A and just got the Arrow Antenna with Duplexer. I can't set my offset to 1.31 according to Kenwood this radio doesn't do that.

Anyone got any ideas to how I can listen to the ISS? I want to see if I can do it and I can work on talking later.

I have not had any luck contacted any sats or ISS yet. I am trying the AO 51 pass over Hawaii tonight.

Thanks and 73s

KH6OWL – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 22:48

ISS Radio Report

CX8AF – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 18:09

ISS Radio Report

N5VHO – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 18:03

ISS Radio Report

JN1GKZ – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 17:33

ISS Radio Report

N5VHO – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 16:29

ISS Radio Report

N8MS – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 13:08

ISS Radio Report

vk6mj – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 12:37

Owen and Richard Garriott


I received the following e-mail today from Owen Garriott, W5LFL and wanted to share this with the Amateur Community. Please post this and pass it to others in the amateur radio community, as appropriate.
73, Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT-NA V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs
ARSIS International Chairman
Richard, W5KWQ, landed in Kazakhstan on Friday, 24 October 2008 at about 0936 local time and was met there by his father Owen, W5LFL. They became the first American "second generation" father/son combination to have both flown in space and the first cosmonaut/astronaut-trained pair in the world. They returned to Star City near Moscow that afternoon for medical evaluation and this is the first interview provided by Richard the very next day. It is transcribed and delivered by Owen to the ham community.

N5VHO – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 10:38

ARISS Status October 27, 2008

ARISSTopics in this report: 1. Upcoming School Contacts 2. Training Session Contact Scheduled 3. Oregon Students Question Garriott on Space 4. National Planetarium, Malaysia - Contact Successful 5. Armada Area School Students Speak with Space Traveler 6. Update on Austin High School - ARISS Contact 7. Article on CLC Contact 8. Garriott SSTV, Voice Contacts 9. ARISS International Team Meeting Held 10. Outcomes from Garriott's ARISS Participation 11. NASA HQ Cites Story on Garriott 1. Upcoming School Contacts An Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact has been scheduled with Scuola Media Statale Donato Forlani in Conversano, Italy on Tuesday, October 28 at 09:37 UTC. Students have been introduced to amateur radio and have covered the importance of space missions. Media coverage is expected to include newspapers, radio and television and will be broadcast live by streaming video on:
N5VHO – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 29 10:32

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