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February 15th

ISS Radio Report

PY4MAB – Thu, 2007 – 02 – 15 17:33

February 14th

Fresh Food Doesn't Last Long on ISS, Astronaut Tells Youngsters via Ham Radio


US astronaut Suni Williams, KD5PLB, this continued her string of successful Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) school contacts when she spoke with youngsters at Hanazono Elementary School in Japan. ARISS arranged the February 12 direct VHF QSO between NA1SS in space and 8N3F at the school. Williams said that supplies of fresh food tend to go fast aboard the space station.

"We do get fresh food, raw food, when the Progress [supply rocket] comes up," Williams explained, "and we try to eat it within the first month because, yeah, it's just going to get old up here."

She also told the youngsters that the ISS crew members rarely argue with one another.

N5VHO – Wed, 2007 – 02 – 14 23:11

ISS Radio Report

SWL-CHMY – Wed, 2007 – 02 – 14 21:46

NASA Sets Briefing to Preview Station Spacewalk

ISS News

NASA will hold a briefing at 1 p.m. CST Friday, Feb. 16 to preview the fourth spacewalk this month by the residents of the International Space Station. The spacewalk is set to begin at 4 a.m. CST Feb. 22.

The Feb. 16 briefing will originate from NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, and will include questions from journalists at participating NASA locations.

Participants in the briefing will include: - Rick LaBrode, International Space Station spacewalk flight director - Glenda Laws, lead spacewalk officer for Expedition 14

PY4MAB – Wed, 2007 – 02 – 14 21:39

Astronauts Honored at the White House

Space News

President Bush recognizes NASA astronauts Joan Higginbotham, right, and Robert Curbeam, during a ceremony honoring African-American History Month, Monday, Feb. 12, 2007, in the East Room at the White House in Washington. Curbeam and Higginbotham were crew members of Space Shuttle Discovery's STS-116 mission to the International Space Station in December 2006. It was the first shuttle mission with two African-American crew members.

PY4MAB – Wed, 2007 – 02 – 14 21:39


ISS Status Report

An unexpected circuit breaker trip early Sunday caused a power outage on the International Space Station. All systems were back up by Monday morning with no impact to operations on board. The safety of the Expedition 14 crew and the complex was never an issue.

The first indications of a problem came with the loss of communications between the station and mission control just after 12:00 a.m. CST Sunday when an electrical switching unit experienced a brief malfunction that appropriately caused a breaker to trip, protecting the electrical system of the station much like a circuit breaker protects electrical systems and equipment in a home.

PY4MAB – Wed, 2007 – 02 – 14 21:37

ISS Radio Report

SWL-CHMY – Wed, 2007 – 02 – 14 20:13

What to do???

Hi Im Bob Prince. I just became a new ham. I like to know what i need to do to get to talk to the space station? right now i got a yaesu vx-7r Ht. And i have a computer What software do i need to download to make contack to ISS. I have a cable moden. Do i need something for the ht ??? How do i read about tracking too? Realy im lost what to do . Thats why i ask for help. I feel dum about all this --- im sorry about all i ask.

Thank you For your help and your time.

Bob -- 73. KD8EXK

seadr89 – Wed, 2007 – 02 – 14 19:58

need help

HI all Im new to this . And i need some help how to track ISS. I live in Lancaster ohio, but its not listed on the page. How do i run to see were ISS is .
I just be came a new ham . Someday i like to talk to someone is ISS. Soo If someone can help me , That will be great and i thank you for all the help! too.

Thank you .

Bob Prince

seadr89 – Wed, 2007 – 02 – 14 19:05

ISS Radio Report

PY4MAB – Wed, 2007 – 02 – 14 17:22

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