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June 29th

Field Day contact with Ed Lu


Just had A short Field Day contact with Ed lu on ISS 12:50 UTC. I am a 1D in Eastern Mass. Ed reported 1A. He also worked one station from his home town somewhere in western N.Y. apparently.


KB1GUE – Sun, 2003 – 06 – 29 17:02



Ed Lu is active on voice.

Although I couldn't make a contact, I did hear Ed respond to several other operators from 12:38 - 12:50 UTC.

Congrats to:

These are the calls I heard Ed respond to.
Maybe next pass I will get in.
See you on the Birds.

73's de N9OEW

N9OEW – Sun, 2003 – 06 – 29 17:01


Space News

DTUsat is a picosatellite designed and built by students from the Technical University of Denmark, DTU. The satellite will be launched on June 30th 14:14 GMT onboard a Russian Rockot-launcher, a reused SS-19 ballistic missile.

DTUSAT is on 437.475 MHz (2400 b/s)

DTUSAT sends burst of data every second min. Every 5th burst should be CW - but with a 1200 Hz tone so that it can be heard
on a FM receiver. It will send OZ2DTU DTUSAT at 13 words/min.

pe2jmr – Sun, 2003 – 06 – 29 11:44

June 28th

NA1SS on Voice over America


Hi Everyone !

Ed is on the air NA1SS ......or at least was on the last pass 18:27 UTC.
Anyhow get out there and give it a try, he will try and get on for more passes over North America. Heard him work many stations....congratulation Egon VE6EGN I heard him call you back .

73 de VE7WFG

Armstrong BC

IK1SLD – Sun, 2003 – 06 – 29 00:27

Shuttles Should Be Repaired At Space Station

Space News

The commission investigating the Columbia shuttle disaster on Friday urged NASA to set up a system to allow space shuttles to be repaired at the International Space Station if necessary.

full story at: SpaceDaily.Com

kc8fks – Sun, 2003 – 06 – 29 00:20

ISS Radio Report

VA2VA – Sat, 2003 – 06 – 28 17:31

ISS Radio Report

VA2VA – Sat, 2003 – 06 – 28 15:42

ISS Radio Report

VA2VA – Sat, 2003 – 06 – 28 15:03

ISS Field Day Operations


During our weekly teleconference with the NASA team, we learned that Ed Lu and the flight operations team have confirmed that Ed will support at least one of the June 29 field day passes.

73, Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

IK1SLD – Sat, 2003 – 06 – 28 14:35

My web site

My web site

kc8fks – Sat, 2003 – 06 – 28 11:25

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