Status Date/Time Downlink Uplink Description Name
ACTIVE 1 week 3 days ago School contact heard strong and clear EA7AHA more
ACTIVE 1 week 5 days ago ISS Voice 21:27 UTC NA1SS(op.Onishi)⇔JF1EUY Good Contact Tetsu-JA0CAW more
ACTIVE 2 weeks 2 days ago School contact with JAXA astronaut Onishi and students in Kansas. N5VHO more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Kate Rubins talking to student visitors at a museum in Indiana. N5VHO more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago N0IUV more
ACTIVE 5 weeks 1 day ago ARISS school contact Daisen Elementary School, Saihaku-gun, Japan, direct via 8J4DISS @JH3XCU more
ACTIVE 6 weeks 4 days ago Heard start of the contact 18:56 UTC with Takuya Onishi OR4ISS and OK2KJT Radioclub, Valasska Polanka, Czech Republic G7HCE more
NOT ACTIVE 9 weeks 5 days ago I heard Jeffrey Williams, during a contact with the United Space School hosted by the Foudation for International Space Education (FISE) at Seabrook TX, for about 20 seconds, on my scanner, but very poor reception on 145.800MHz, orbit 11003. David Moore, Morro Bay CA(lifornia) SWL-Dave more
ACTIVE 9 weeks 6 days ago Vk4EM Merv Morrison South East of Queensland Australia on the pass that just went over I heard and recorded NA1ISS from edge to almost edge in contact with a School here in Australia I was using Kenwood TM-V71a and a Yagi at 8 meters signal report was 5 x 9 plus 10 here at the end when NA1ISS singed I did try a call but no reply one day maybe I hope !! Was good clean audio !! Thanks all the best from Australia ................ VK4EM more
ACTIVE 11 weeks 3 days ago Russian Communication from Soyuz MS-01 on 121.750MHz Satellitenwelt.de more
ACTIVE 12 weeks 2 days ago school contact over Germany DG0OJG more
ACTIVE 12 weeks 2 days ago ARISS school contact talking to students in Germany G7HCE more
ACTIVE 19 weeks 4 days ago Hello all, Très fort signaux du cubesat russe Tomsk-TPU-120 en retransmission depuis la station ISS avec l'indicatif R S 4 S. RX avec scanner Icom R20 et ant. télescopique 50 cm depuis la fenêtre de mon QRA. 73 qro! F0GXR more
ACTIVE 19 weeks 4 days ago Tomsk-TPU-120 via ISS good signal over Exeter/UK English greeting at 09:19 UTC G7HCE more
ACTIVE 19 weeks 4 days ago Solid copy of TOMSK via ISS over Texas, USA. w5pfg more
ACTIVE 19 weeks 4 days ago Installed an arrow vhf uhf thru a sliding window beaming UP, and Kenwood thd-72 145.800 and a Samsung Phone with an APP for recording and VOX MODE.The pass was succesfully recorded while in deep sleep....!!!! In the shack the Ts 2000s was left on cross mode for the possible hams s AWAKE....Great Exterience but the Languages not so clear and foreing of coiurse. COngrats to ALL involved in the Sat DX. Ted Hc5k/kg4lrj HC5K more
ACTIVE 19 weeks 4 days ago Active over Argentina. 5 grados elev. Strong signal LU7FIA more
ACTIVE 19 weeks 5 days ago Pass with 5 degrees elevation .Detected two transmissions of VOice from Cross band at ISS signal level weak but readable. previous pass was 100 % over Ecuador. HC5K more
NOT ACTIVE 19 weeks 5 days ago En el paso por Colombia alcancé a oir modulación. Mas o menos 10 segunds. alberto villegas more
ACTIVE 19 weeks 5 days ago Good copy on TOMSK on this pass over N. America. Heard English, Russian and possibly an Asian language? N5VHO more

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