Status Date/Time Downlink Uplink Description Name
ACTIVE 6 days 7 hours ago Students in Rutland, VT talking to Tim Kopra via VK4KHZ volunteer ground station. N5VHO more
ACTIVE 1 week 7 hours ago Russian Communication from the Orlan EVA Satellitenwelt.de more
ACTIVE 1 week 8 hours ago Voice heard from Orlan EVA on 143,625 MHz Astro_Luke more
ACTIVE 1 week 4 days ago ARISS Contact OR4ISS - E29AJ (HAT YAI, THAILAND) E20ZFD more
ACTIVE 3 weeks 17 hours ago School contact with students in Nepal via VK5ZAI. N5VHO more
NOT ACTIVE 4 weeks 3 days ago Nothing is heard passing over Costa Rica. NachoCR more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Weak signals received in Scotland from Tim Peakes school contact. 73,s 6equj5 more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Tim heard talking to a UK school. Not the best signal heard here in the UK. m6wad more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Excellent school contact. 73 de on5apo in Antwerp. ON5APO more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Awful signal from Tim's school contact. The signals from the ISS on packet and voice recently seem to have deteriorated. PH7THL more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Strong signal over here from Tim on ISS df2et more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Good copy of the ARISS contact with Sandringham School in St Albans, Herts, UK. Edited audio available on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/NRTrSa42uDQ M1PWT more
ACTIVE 5 weeks 1 day ago Tim Peake talking to students in MA via K6DUE ground station. N5VHO more
NOT ACTIVE 5 weeks 5 days ago It was an overhead pass and nothing was heard. MKazan more
ACTIVE 6 weeks 15 hours ago Russian Communication on 143.625MHz Satellitenwelt.de more
ACTIVE 6 weeks 2 days ago Voice heard for a short moment Astro_Luke more
NOT ACTIVE 6 weeks 5 days ago Sin actividad al paso sobre Costa Rica, América Central No activity going on by Costa Rica, Central America NachoCR more
NOT ACTIVE 8 weeks 1 day ago Soyuz communication pa1mp more
ACTIVE 8 weeks 1 day ago Russian com over France during docking F6ADB more
NOT ACTIVE 8 weeks 1 day ago heard very loud on ISS VHF Link on 130.167MHz YC3BVG more

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