What aerial do you use?

Hi, I would be interested to know what aerials are used by you guys to receive the ISS. I am making a turnstile at the moment and would be interested to hear your comments about various types of aerials.

Cheers Dave G7UZN

Dave Dawson – Wed, 2012 – 10 – 17 07:51


i have a Watson w2000 collinear +8db on 2 meter band on the atic . Very good if the ISS is in low elevation ( 10- 25° )

the doughnut shape in the horizontal diagram makes it bad on the high elevation ( +45°) even a 1/4 wave GP is better

a Wimo log periodic manual tracking makes 9+ singals !! bertje ON7BRT

Submitted by ON7BRT on Sat, 2014-01-18 11:40.


Hi Dave,

I'm using a set of M2 Eggbeaters the EB-144 and the EB-432 with my Yaesu FT-847. A real good set of antennas. They transmit and receive Horizontal on the horizontal plane but receive and transmit RH circular vertically.

Mike N2FSU gonz110

Submitted by gonz110 on Sun, 2012-12-23 22:09.


I use a 137 MHz QFH that I made for about 20 euro's for receiving
NOAA weather satellite pictures. Works great for NOAA and for ISS.

Submitted by Janos13 on Sun, 2012-12-23 07:42.


I use a J-Pole, work fine , I only have experiencie witht that antenana, so Icannot compare it to anything else..

Submitted by KP4JEV on Fri, 2012-12-21 13:57.