Crew Unloads Progress, Performs Science

ISS Status Report

Soaring high above the Earth aboard the International Space Station Friday, the Expedition 28 crew unloaded items from the newly arrived ISS Progress 43 cargo ship. The spacecraft docked to the orbital complex at 12:37 p.m. EDT Thursday delivering three tons of fuel, air and supplies. The unpiloted Russian resupply vehicle docked automatically to the aft port of the station’s Zvezda service module via the Kurs automated rendezvous system.

As they helped with the unloading, Commander Andrey Borisenko and Flight Engineers Alexander Samokutyaev and Sergei Volkov spent some time updating the station’s inventory.

The crew members also engaged in several science activities. Flight Engineer Mike Fossum collected samples for the station’s Human Research Facility, placing them in the Minus Eighty-Degree Laboratory Freezer (MELFI). MELFI supports a wide range of life science experiments by preserving biological samples collected aboard the orbital outpost for later return and analysis o