ARISS Status June 27, 2011


Topics in this report:
1. Upcoming School Contact
2. Japanese Contact Successful
3. ARISS International Team Teleconference Held
4. News of U.S. ARISS Proposal Process Distributed
5. Astronaut Training Status
6. ARISS Items in ARRL Letter
7. AMSAT Covers ARISS Proposal

1. Upcoming School Contact
An Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact has been scheduled for the Youth Hostel “La Foresta” in Perugia, Italy on Friday, July 1 at 14:48 UTC. Panda Adventure organizes summer camps for youth, ages 11 -14, that focus on space education. The program is strengthened through the cooperation with ESA /ESRIN that provided the camp with educational materials. Activities include field researches, experiments, use of technical instruments, and games to explore the Earth and Sky and to research solutions to save our planet.

2. Japanese Contact Successful
On Tuesday, June 21, an Amateur Radio on the Interna