ISS Achievement Award rules

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The ISS Fan Club is proud to announce the introduction of the "ISS Achievement Award".

The IAA is the first ham-radio award issued for the ISS, it is printed on picture quality paper and is so beautiful that your radio shack simply cannot miss it.

Here are the award rules:
  1. The "ISS Achievement Award" is given for contacting or listening to the ISS International Space Station using amateur radio.
    There are actually fifth different categories: 

    for 2 way QSO's with the Crew

    for successful sending or reading of a PMS message or using the RS0ISS digipeater

    for a successful contact through the Repeater mode

    for receiving SSTV image from ISS

    for receiving the ISS: Voice and/or Packet

    Note: If your request is for PACKET, VOICE, SSTV and/or RPT, we will send you the SWL sticker too.

    Others categories will be added when available on ISS.

  2. Applications will be accepted beginning December 15, 2002. Contacts may have been made at any time since November 2, 2000
  3. The applicant must auto-certify the authenticity of log information he provides by sending own compiled QSL card for each category he wishes to claim. 
    We don't request the ARISS QSL.

    If you haven't your own QSL card,  you can send us a postcard.

  4. This award is available to all Amateur Radio and SWL operators anywhere in the World.
    If in the applicants country SWL listeners no longer have an assigned callsign, his/her name and last name will be used.
  5. The donation necessary for the ISS Achievement Award is $ 10 or Euro 10.
    Stickers for categ