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  • Relocate ISS to ME-L1   10 years 4 weeks ago

    Having ISS situated at the ME-L1 represents that whatever two-way radio/microwave communications and of whatever data streams/packets can become 100% amateur managed, as ISS travels itself along in total alignment with the moon that simply isn't zooming around Earth nearly as fast (well under 1 km/s at an average distance of perhaps 323,000 km) should only improve upon sustaining the up/down link. With ISS being consistently situated between the moon and Earth at roughly 323,000 km away from Earth is slightly more than a one second delay (2.15 seconds per round trip). Even optical laser communication becomes worth doing, as in using quantum photon binary format becomes technically good for at least 1e12 bps (such quantum binary performance is not there yet, but it's only a matter of time).

    Only the lunar secondary radiation of those hard-X-Rays is suggesting a slight radio interference problem, that plus getting signals to/from as having that rather nasty Van Allen zone of death in between, although of whatever's optical/photon represents the MUF factor has essentially become a non-factor, especially if there's more than one station transceiving upon managing such a nifty signal path.

    I truly believe a team of Russians, members of ESA and even the Chinese are fully capable of accomplishing this task within acceptable safety and cost limitations. The scientific rewards are certainly many that I can think of across the board on various lunar, Earth and of interplanetary benefits. Although, until more shielding is applied to our existing ISS, there should be somewhat greater risk for the crew, as well as their to/from commute of a few hours becomes days, but other than that there's only loads of absolute positives for robotics and eventually humanity and thereby of terrific Earth science that many can take directly to the bank.

    Silly me, here I was merely thinking that perhaps instead of folks continually sitting around and pretending there's absolutely nothing productive that can truly save ISS from reentering and thus burning up (I believe we've been informed that at times they're essentially out of primary rocket fuel, and that our shuttle will not likely arrive in time for the essential reboost ISS to 400+km, and that much below 300 km is almost toast because there's simply too much atmospheric drag for the onboard reboost thrusters currently available that can manage once the absolute minimum recovery altitude (point of no return) reaches 280 km.

    Regards, Brad GUTH / GASA~IEIS and

  • Why ISS in packet mode   10 years 4 weeks ago

    I just read the info on EarthKam and it appears they utilize [u:89fb305310]a lot[/u:89fb305310] of NASA communication assets. I suspect that includes the TDRSS satellite communication system to transmit the requests to ISS and to download the 1.1 Meg images after they are taken. If the amateur community could come up with a couple of nice KU band satellites in HEO then we probably could do what EarthKam does.

    I'm sure we CAN do something very similiar if someone is willing to fund it. We have what is there because someone donated it and others pitched it to get it space flight certified and flown.

    Make your proposal and be ready to back it up.

  • Why ISS in packet mode   10 years 4 weeks ago

    It appears that your comments are for suggestions for amateur radio in general and not the program specifically on the ISS (although the could eventually be employed on ISS)

    I agree amateur radio developments have slowed but not come to a complete stop. AO-51 is capable of 38.4 K AX.25 transmissions (better than my current dial up at home). Several other advances in digital modes have come into use in recent years such as PSK-31, Hellschreiber and MT63.

  • Why ISS in packet mode   10 years 4 weeks ago
    [quote:80eb7ca86e="N5VHO"]The main purpose for amateur radio on the ISS is educational awareness. School contacts are the reason the equipment is there. All other activities are a BONUS.[/quote:80eb7ca86e] This is not the point. Whatever the goal is, the communication system should be efficient. Using a narrow band link is probably not the best choice for higly ham populated areas like Europe or North America. Wasting the majority of that data on useless DM frames or packet collisions is just a non-sense. How come the EarthKam project does not relay on amateur radio? Maybe because we are using tecnologies from the 70's? My point is that I just dont see any improvement since the MIR times. To me, it looks like that the rest of the world is rapidly evolving its communication means while the Amater Radio community remains stuck to the old fashioned stuff. They are using UMTS, Iridium, Sirius while we are using AX25 Packet, FM Voice and slow scan television. I think that we need innovations, and that we need them soon.
  • Why ISS in packet mode   10 years 4 weeks ago

    The main purpose for amateur radio on the ISS is educational awareness. School contacts are the reason the equipment is there. All other activities are a BONUS.

    Until Dec 2003, ISS was capable of 2 modes of communication, Voice and Packet. Since the crew is generally busy with other activities, the system was put in packet mode (until it stopped working) to aviod silence between school contacts.

    Since the addition of the Kenwood system, we have additional capabilities (such as the recent demo of the crossband repeater) but the packet mode is still the easiest to setup between the school contacts except for the afore mentioned silence (one power button push 8O )

    Long term plans should have multiple operations going on simultaenously but we still need additional equipment and testing before that happens. Since Columbia, those plans have been significantly lowered in priority and delayed.

    I'm always open to suggestions and ideas as to what can be done when the crew is not using the radio. Things already on the plate include SSTV, ATV, Packet, FM crossband repeater and some HF operations.

  • Why ISS in packet mode   10 years 4 weeks ago

    AX25 Packet Radio was not designed to operate on a space station.
    In facts, as I have been repeating in the last 10 years, most of the data coming down from the station is useless.
    APRS is nice, but do we really need an APRS repeated onboars the ISS? What for? I do APRS once every while but I find it boring and I really dont think its a primary reason for the amateur radio station to be up there.
    We, as Radio Amateurs, must find a modern and efficient way to use the amateur radio station onboard ISS. (Not necessairly cheap).
    AX25 is not efficient nor modern.

  • Why ISS in packet mode   10 years 4 weeks ago



    :arrow: PU4MAB@AMSAT.ORG

  • Why ISS in packet mode   10 years 5 weeks ago

    4th reason ,, i got hooked up on aprs via the iss packet with out spending ANY money , and just useing my old 486 computer ,and a handeld radio, home made antenna, home made radio to computer interface , free uiss and agw programs !!! and it is a easer contact with packet then voice ,ie more contacts !! less power ,

    ok im cheep,,, well better put is im not rich,,, someday !!!

    ok and another good mode to try would be psk31,, there could be lots a contacts with that ,

  • Why ISS in packet mode   10 years 5 weeks ago
    [quote:c6ece0e1c8]can ANYONE tell me WHY the ISS is always on packet mode? It is very ANNOYING! They HAVE to REALIZE there are a lot a cheap people who don't want to go out and get all that fancy equipment. They also should USE the REPEATER MODE sometimes too. Author - UNKNOWN[/quote:c6ece0e1c8] Patience Grasshopper.... Several reasons. 1. ISS is the only APRS/Packet operational satellite up there. 2. The repeater was only being tested for future full time implementation when additional resources are installed/recovered. (wait till the shuttle is flying again) 3. There are other voice repeater satellites already available (AO-51 for instance).
  • What do you like more, Packet or Repeater?   10 years 5 weeks ago

    I like them both, why can't both be utilized in an alternating fasion.

  • web site ?   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Unfortunately It was the site.
    Just imagine that the whole thing plus a database and spam filtered MTA runs on a virtual 100 MHz CPU with only 64 MB of ram. That's one of the cheapest solutions on the market.
    The site is mantained only during my spare time... which is not too much.
    Any kind of help is appreciated.
    Sorry for any inconvenience. Me and Claudio are thinking about how to improve this service.


  • web site ?   10 years 5 weeks ago

    i have been havin trouble getting the site to come up now and then ,, i have been woundering , is it me or the site ? ,, i hope all goes well anyways , i realy like the site , thanks ,,, from k6mox ,, jim

  • DELAY DELAY DELAY   10 years 6 weeks ago

    It appears that the interference or squelch issue is back. I will try and check on the latter but can do nothing about the former.

  • ARISS Event -- University of Cork, Ireland   10 years 6 weeks ago

    Contact sucessful with all 10 questions answered by Leroy. Congrats to the students!

  • merry chrystmas   10 years 7 weeks ago

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    marry christmas and happy new 2005 to you and to all issfanclub 's members and to all ham every where on the globe or at the international space ship .iss

    73 de st2nh

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • TNC?   10 years 7 weeks ago

    kpc3 is agood cool tnc for iss
    good luck
    de st2nh

  • The Rascal?   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Thanks, guys but it's a moot point now since I do not have a compatible sound card in my crappy old laptop...If I did, it would've been very cool. I get 6-8 passes a day from the ISS and just listening to the packet is driving me absolutely NUTS.
    73 and Happy Holidays

  • The Rascal?   10 years 7 weeks ago

    I like mine, it works great.

  • TNC?   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Hello everyone, and Happy Holidays to all,
    Since I do not have a Sound Blaster or compatible sound card in my laptop, I guess I will have to purchase a TNC. I am curious what TNCs guys here are using and getting good results with, so I get the right one and don't screw up again, and if someone has one for sale, that would be even better. I am getting awfully antsy listening to the shuttle go over my QTH 6X per day and not able to do anything.

    Any help will be appreciated.
    73 and Thanks in advance,

    Jeff WB2SYK

  • Leroy Chiao active on voice   10 years 7 weeks ago

    This QSO took place at 2025 UTC on 09 Dec.
    To hear the audio file I made, go to The file will automatically open within your browser, as long as you support .wma files. It may take several minutes before you hear anything.

    73, Scott WA6LIE

  • The Rascal?   10 years 8 weeks ago

    Thanks Brian...appreciate the help.


  • The Rascal?   10 years 8 weeks ago

    I have some experience with the Rascal kit. I found it to be very worthwhile, being new to ham radio and having a limited budget one cannot buy all the toys at once.
    I built the kit in a couple of hours, (ex USAF electronics tech) had one cold solder joint that gave me problems, but once that was repaired it worked great too.
    "Terrestrial" Packet is not to big here in SD so have limited experience with it, but Rascal works ISS and PCSat with APRS/Packet just fine as well as normal earth APRS.
    Also works well with ECHOLINK for me, and everything else I have tried with it.

    Now that I think about it, probably one of the best 30 bucks + S/H I have spent. I have learned lots from it at a great price. AND I am still learning and playing. So this kids been amused for hours and days, too bad my parents didn't get me one!!!!

    I suppose It depends what you want to do with it. I so some traveling in my work and its small enough to take with and attach to work laptop. Another bonus.

    Just my 2 cents, one on the plus side, I am sure you will hear the downside.


  • iss packet dxer   10 years 8 weeks ago

    tnx again n5vho for replying
    i hope issfanclub thinking about an aword of store and forword paket mode for iss !!!!!
    i hope my next packet message wll be like this

    w all
    iss dxer award
    i got 5 iss S+F countrries qsos
    hope u got more pse reply
    73's de st2nh

    anyhow i wll start collecting countries and i wll start sending message for the iss dxer award hi hi

    all the best de st2nh

  • iss packet dxer   10 years 8 weeks ago

    I think that most awards are for direct contacts only. I'm not aware of any that are permitted in a store and forward manner (check the rules to be sure). Many don't allow contacts via repeaters but they waive that for satellite operations as long as they occur in real time. Saying 'Hello' on one pass and getting a reply on the next doesn't count.

  • iss packet dxer   10 years 8 weeks ago

    tnx N5VHO
    what i meant a qso via packet mode (store and forward )
    in other word if i got a reply to my messages from a 100 stations(conutries) can this conceder as dxcc qsos ??? :oops: :oops: