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  • voice on the iss returning?   10 years 3 weeks ago

    i see you are , " general operations and troubleshooting" so i guess i answered my own question LOL

  • voice on the iss returning?   10 years 3 weeks ago

    if they run Packet and Voice ( at the same time ) wouldnt one of them have to switch the downlink frequency? (145.800)

    i personally found it exciting to listen to the Repeater mode weeks ago, although i dont currently have 440 at home or in the car it is on my x-mas list..

    Do you decide what is run on the ISS ?( as far as HAM radio goes) what times and what modes?

  • ISS Dx?   10 years 3 weeks ago

    Thats called a Sub-horizon contact.
    I have tried many times but never went below 2-3 Degrees.

  • voice on the iss returning?   10 years 3 weeks ago

    The first school contact is currently being planned for the third week in November. Since we have a new (and recently licensed) crewmember on board, it will be a while before I know what his interest level is.
    At this point, it is too early to tell when or if he will be active on voice for general contacts. The repeater mode probably won't be activated for a while since testing is now complete (plus a few bonus activations thanks to Mike Fincke). My focus now is to develop a plan for simultaneous operations of multiple modes. This should allow for repeater and packet operations at the same time.

  • Why the error messages all the time ??   10 years 4 weeks ago

    Hi Kevin,
    I haven't seen this particular problem though I have seen a few error messages displayed. Usually it is related to a bad command being issued like trying to do a (S)end instead of a (W)rite to create a message.

    Is this what you are presented with when you first log on?

  • BBS n packet help   10 years 4 weeks ago

    Hi Jim,
    please check your email for my reply to your request, if you reckon it was worthwhile reading you may post it here to help others, as we all learn from each other.
    Cheers mate, Kevin VK3UKF

  • Amazing!!!   10 years 4 weeks ago

    i also saw a pass when the 2 were side by side crossing the sky , i think it was on christmas a few years ago , i got the hole family out side to watch ,,, good stuff , also a few years back i was in New Zealand and i was crossing the Cook Straights on the feary boat at night and the iss and shuttle pass over head ,,that was great fun ,!

  • ISS Repeater Status by Kenneth N5VHO   10 years 4 weeks ago

    As an update, ISS went active the next day. Check the current status on the ISS fan club home page.
    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • ISS model builder needs help!   10 years 4 weeks ago
    [quote:9e89673ac4="FlyGuy"]:? I'm confused and have three questions: 1. Is there a Node Three, or is the hab module directly attached to Unity? 2. Will the Hab module be inflatable or conventional? 3. Will the X-38 CRV project be followed through with? Up-to-date answers, please! - FlyGuy :?[/quote:9e89673ac4] to 1.: Look at this site: Node 3 will built in Italy. The Cupola, which is now in a processing facility at the Cape, will be attached to Node 3 ! Greatings, Heri from Cologne
  • Packet Online.??   10 years 4 weeks ago

    Leroy was able to check the radio before he got busy with his work day and fixed the problem. Thank you Leroy for getting the radio up and running.

  • Packet Online.??   10 years 4 weeks ago

    packet is active here USA as of 238am CDT october 27, 2004 :lol:

  • digi-peater schedule?   10 years 5 weeks ago

    The digipeater on the ISS is currently not working properly. I am investigating the problem but can not give you any precise time as to when it will be back on at this time. I hope to have crew time available in the next couple of days to try and resolve the problem and return the radio back to packet operation.

  • Amazing!!!   10 years 5 weeks ago
    I have begun posting videos of the space station and other satellites on my website. I only have one video of the station so far, but more will be added in the coming weeks. [url][/url]
  • Finke on 144.49 and 145.800 ( last day in space)   10 years 5 weeks ago

    thanks Curtis... i been waiting for contact for years... i cant work the crossband repeater cause i dont have 440 rig ( traded it for a 2 m mobile in the car) b sides i dont think i would have enough power out put to get over all the other stations trying to call on the repeater when it comes over.... thanks again... hope you get a contact too

    Marcus Schrader

  • Finke on 144.49 and 145.800 ( last day in space)   10 years 5 weeks ago

    KB0ZUU, I heard the same conversation this morning in Cedar Grove, Tennessee. I was half asleep when I heard Mike KE4AIT caling " NA1SS calling CQ!" I got up tried to make the contact. But, was unable. "It was about 2:30am CDT." But, was able to hear Mike loud and clear.
    When I tryed the contact I was on the 437.800 uplink and did not think to try 144.490 uplink....Congraulations on the contact!
    Best Wishes!........73's Curtis/KC5CZB

  • proper beaconing ? help   10 years 5 weeks ago

    hi again , i have seen the link you noted , i guess i was wanting to ask WA6LIE about his settings on beaconing , hi scott , this is jim k6mox,, i have made it thru the iss on aprs now , and even sent a email to a budy in new zealand ,, but i did set it to beacon about every 2 .5 mins ,, but i feel like i sould only send when the iss is in my hoizon ,, but i dont see a setting in UISS program to do this ,,, what do you set yours to ,, im also only using a icom HT , 5 watts ,, i dont want to have any unnesisary TXing to much qrm
    what do you sugjest ,,, thanks

  • proper beaconing ? help   10 years 5 weeks ago


    in this link you understanding about iss aprs system.

    mauricio beraldo pu4mab
    brazil :wink:

  • what crew is up there now?   10 years 5 weeks ago

    :lol: Expedition 9 Prepares for Trip Home on Soyuz
    During the fifth day of joint operations, the Expedition 9 and 10 crews conducted handover activities and worked on ISS systems. Also, Expedition 9 Commander Gennady Padalka and NASA ISS Science Officer Mike Fincke prepared for their return to Earth.

    Padalka and Fincke, along with Russian Space Forces Test Cosmonaut Yuri Shargin, took part in training aboard the ISS Soyuz 8 spacecraft in which they will return to Earth. Shargin arrived at the ISS with Expedition 10 Commander Leroy Chiao and Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov and is spending his eight days at the ISS conducting science experiments.

  • what crew is up there now?   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Currently, Expedition 9 crew members Gennady Padalka and Mike Fincke and Expedition 10 crew member Leroy Chiao and Salizhan Sharipov plus the taxi crew member Yuri Shargin are on board. So, 5 persons on board ISS at the moment.

    Oct 23 is the planned departure date for Exp. 9 and the taxi crew member leaving only the 2 man crew of Exp. 10.

  • what crew is up there now?   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Hi, from what i understand both crews are currently onboard the ISS.

  • first Email through ISS   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Congratulations! :!: :!:
    Good luck

  • iss voice region 1 England   10 years 6 weeks ago

    thanks very much kenneth for a speedy response im just waiting for a pass now lets see what happens god bless all .. Owen (M3OTM)

  • ISS Repeater use instructions   10 years 6 weeks ago

    Thanks Mauricio, glad to help! :lol:

  • iss voice region 1 England   10 years 6 weeks ago

    You have it figured out correctly for region 1.

    You can always check the freq chart on ISS Fan Club to make sure. It lays it out very nicely. Only tricky part is knowing which mode ISS is in.

    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • Greetings from Sergei Krikalev   10 years 6 weeks ago

    Looking forward to working with him. I know he will be wanting to do a lot with the new radio.

    Kenneth - N5VHO