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  • What do you like more, Packet or Repeater?   9 years 32 weeks ago

    I have to go with Packet just a little bit more that the Repeater. It is great talking to folks and it is likely that more people could do repeater with so many dual band radios but I can make more contacts during a single pass on packet without anyone complaining about hogging the radio.

    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • Poll: Packet, Crossband Repeater or other?   9 years 32 weeks ago

    Good point. I have set up a poll for this topic.



  • New here, w/questions...   9 years 32 weeks ago

    Hi, here's some encouragement to do it, I have made 2 voice QSO's with the crew of ISS using an Alinco DJ-V5 5 watt hand held and a 5/8 VHF mobile whip on a mag mount. The radio was going through a power doubler (10watts out), One of the QSO's was recorded and is online on my website at, I like using the packet radio system, but I don't have a TNC, I use the AGW packet engine software and UISS spacecraft comms software, this software uses the soundcard in your computer to emulate a TNC.
    Best of luck.
    Kevin VK3UKF

  • New here, w/questions...   9 years 32 weeks ago

    Talking to the space station with the setup you describe is not impossible ( I saw a guy do it with a HT and 1/4 wave mag mount on his car) but it will be difficult. Your greatest obstacle will be be higher power stations trying to talk to the crew the same time you do. A hand held beam (3 or 4 elements) would increase your chances.
    Second issue is that the crew is not always available so that further reduces your chances.
    The normal operation for station is the packet mode but you would need a TNC and computer to communicate with this mode. 5 watts would be enough to work this mode too.
    The cross band repeater mode is a new feature and it is unsure how often this mode will be utilized. Each mode (voice/ repeater/ packet) currently works on a different input frequency but use the same dowlink. Only one input frequency is active while a particular mode is active.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  • Radios off for EVA   9 years 32 weeks ago

    Sorry for the confustion. They WERE scheduled to be powered off at 1700 Sept 2. They actually got powered off about 1345 UTC on Sept 3. It appears the task got missed in all the others being performed in preparation for the EVA.

    Hope some of you were able to enjoy the extra unplanned hours of operation.

    A special THANK YOU to Mark, KB1GVR, for posting the status.
    Thanks to his posting, I was able to have the situation corrected before the EVA.

    A couple of suggestions for dealing with doppler. You can either use your VFO to change the frequency starting about 437.790 and move up to 437.810 as the pass progresses or program your memories in this order 437.790, 437.795, 437.800, 437.805, 437.810. Move up one about every 2 mins for a 10 min pass. It is not exact and you will need to practice but you'll eventally get the hang of it.

    Good Luck,

  • Radios OFF for Spacewalk   9 years 32 weeks ago

    Well, they were scheduled to be powered off at 1700 Sept 2. They actually got powered off about 1345 UTC on Sept 3.

  • Radios off for EVA   9 years 32 weeks ago

    i read the article about the radios turned off for the eva but i heard some stations so i tryed to make a contact and did succesfully it was a good loud signal lost signal due to doppler still gotta figure that out
    thanks KE7ACE 73s

  • Cross Band repeater (437.80 up/145.80 dn)   9 years 33 weeks ago

    The radios are scheduled to be powered on around 1700 on Sept 4. Somethimes this runs late but they should be back up well before mid Sept.

  • Cross Band repeater (437.80 up/145.80 dn)   9 years 33 weeks ago

    When will the amateur radio equipment be put back on? I looking forward to the middle of this month when the ISS will be going over the UK during waking hours... Will any of it be back on-line by the 16th Sep?

  • Cross Band repeater (437.80 up/145.80 dn)   9 years 33 weeks ago

    Status update.

    The repeater seems to be working reasonably well with good signals from the 10 watt output. Weaker stations and some additional interference come through but not continously. Mike has been active from time to time (his Lunch time seems to be over N. America).

    The amateur radios are scheduled to be powered off on Sept 2 about 1700 UTC. Enjoy while you can. Only 2 days left.

  • Voice active postings?   9 years 33 weeks ago


    I have temporarly deleted the postings because the voice section is supposed to be about voice operations only.
    I will activate a new section asap for the repeater and will transfer all your deleted posts there. It should be ready in the next few hours.



  • The end of ISS packet??   9 years 33 weeks ago

    It's not True.

    If you follow the thread a little further, you will see that packet will be back.

    To summarize, this is a trial period for the repeater mode. Packet will most likely be back after the space walk later this week. Eventually, ARISS hopes to have mulitple modes running simultaneously.

    Enjoy the latest offering that ISS has to offer.

  • ISS Repeater: Success!   9 years 33 weeks ago

    I have seen a couple of report about interference from illegeal operations around Japan and Italy. Any others to report? They have no clue that the space station is hearing them but maybe the local authorities could enlighten them.

    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • Cross Band repeater (437.80 up/145.80 dn)   9 years 33 weeks ago

    Signals a bit choppy but worked KA9SCF during the 0543 UTC pass.

  • Cross Band repeater (437.80 up/145.80 dn)   9 years 33 weeks ago

    Very very strong signals on a less than 3 degrees pass.
    I was the only station on the bird.
    Signal was over 3 with no preamplifier. This is going to be great.

  • ISS Ham Radio Now in Repeater Mode   9 years 33 weeks ago

    This does not mean that packet will not be available on ISS. Packet will return after a trial period of the repeater mode. Eventually, it is hoped to have both operations available at the same time.

    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • Cross Band repeater (437.80 up/145.80 dn)   9 years 33 weeks ago

    The packet operation will be returning after the testing and feedback of how well the repeater mode works. It is planned to eventually have mulitiple modes running from ISS at the same time.

    The ARISS program is trying to make use of two very accommodating and amateur radio supportive crew members. They have used 430 and 145 MHz on Field day, made over 100 QSOs to date, verified many of the Kenwood D-700 capabilites and now the repeater mode. Everyone should be very thankful for Mike Fincke and Gennady Padalka's support of these efforts.

  • Cross Band repeater (437.80 up/145.80 dn)   9 years 33 weeks ago

    I heard this operatioal last night and early this morning. I didn't know the details of what was happening. I assumed it was crossband operation, knowing the equipment onboard. I found out this morning that I assumed correct. The audio was real nice and strong in Wisconsin. I feel sorry for the APRS and packet operators that may be missing out. I'm gald they decided to try this out. I feel after people start noticing, the use is going to be crazy. Very cool....

    Jon KC9AXZ

  • Cross Band repeater (437.80 up/145.80 dn)   9 years 33 weeks ago

    I heard lots of intruders on the downlink.
    Italian voices. Probably Taxi drivers or vigilantes.

  • ATV   9 years 33 weeks ago

    Very interesting read.
    About ATV it looks like that there are plans to include a repeater up there.
    A repeater is nice... but seeing the crew would be great.

  • Latest Kep Elements Off A bit.   9 years 33 weeks ago

    Are you sure you dont have any time accuracy problem?

  • ATV   9 years 34 weeks ago

    ATV has been mentioned as a possiblity but nothing has been planned for the near term. Next project on the books is to get the necessary equipment sent to the station to try SSTV.
    Look here for info regarding future ARISS projects.

    If ATV were to be used, I presume it would be one way (down) with an audio only uplink? Seems to me that it would be very difficult to deal with multiple uplinks on ATV.

  • ATV