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  • Need ISS Voice Tips!   10 years 4 weeks ago
    I'm sure you will get lots of suggestions. Here are mine: 1. Be patient. The current 2 man crew is very busy and so far they have not been very active on the ham radio during their free time. 2. Compensating for Doppler provides a better signal to the station. Many operators have 3 memories set up with 145.805/, 145.800 and 145.795 for recieve and corresponding -.005, .000 and +.005 changes to their transmit depending where they are in the world. 3. Check here and the SAREX website for announcements [url][/url] Other than that, you just have to listen and be ready when you hear voice signals. Good Luck!
  • Shuttle launch date set   10 years 4 weeks ago

    Ummm. No SSTV on the Shuttle. Do you mean PCSAT2?

  • Shuttle launch date set   10 years 4 weeks ago

    SSTV GO GO GO!!!!!!

  • Problem in Transmission using AGWPE   10 years 4 weeks ago

    Hello Usman,

    I have no expiriance with directly (without trx) connection
    between 2 pc's.
    But maybe you have to check ports in AGW: single, dual...
    Also its wise to look in your soundcard settings in windows.
    Use normal stereo settings (no equalizers, no 3d sound....).
    Maybe you can trie (in AGW) in TNC commands the full
    duplex mode.

    Good luck, and let me know the results.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • PY4MAB GOT RS0ISS   10 years 4 weeks ago

    PY4MAB: uh, lucky you! and congratulations!
    so which callsign Krikalev is using? RS0ISS or U5MIR?

  • PY4MAB GOT RS0ISS   10 years 5 weeks ago

    :lol: HELLO COR. HOW DO YOU DO ?






    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • PY4MAB GOT RS0ISS   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Hello Mauricio,

    Congratssssssss (great job!). :D
    I asume I have to wait for a while
    because the ISS comes very late over
    Holland (crew sleeping time).

    Mauricio how many astronauts you
    have spoken? John Philips, Mike Fincke.......

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • ARISS Event -- Monday 27 June, Mayborn Museum   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Contact was successful with 20 of the 22 questions answered.

    Kenneth - N5VHO

  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 5 weeks ago

    It was quite a thrill to hear Sergei call back with "K7DPS" during the 1410 UTC pass over Phoenix AZ!.

    Equipment was an Icom 2100 with an Arrow dual-band beam. Heard him answer someone else loud and clear with the antenna pointed 90 degrees off!!

    3 years of patience finally paid off.

  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Closing in on the final hours before Field Day. [u:fb2f18efd8]Please[/u:fb2f18efd8] consider turning off your unattended beacons to make it easier for the Field Day operators to make contacts via ISS Packet. Just one contact via ISS gives a station a [b:fb2f18efd8]100 point BONUS[/b:fb2f18efd8].
    Hope all have a safe setup and excellent operating conditions.

    Good Luck!

  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 5 weeks ago

    The Arizona Department of Public Safety Amateur Radio Club will be operating Field Day as K7DPS.
    Hope to make contact with ISS.
    We heard them last year, just couldn't get through the "big guns".

    Walter, KD7BJJ

  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Nope, no tone. Good luck!

  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Is there a tone of any kind on the 144.49 uplink? Thanks. Have a fun Field Day.
    John kc8rak

  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 6 weeks ago
    The Clear Lake ARC will be active using the call NU5M and K5HOU for the GOTA station. Feel free to drop by: [url],-95.15483&spn=0.030,0.048[/url] (click "Satellite" near the upper right of the page for a photo view, we wil be under the silver dome) Talk in on 146.86- (pl 100.0) and 442.75+ (pl 103.5) Hope all have a great time!
  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 6 weeks ago

    I'll have my complete station at my camp on* Panther Lake* for FieldDay 2005. Myself and a group of hams will be operating. Our station call will be *N2KF*"November.. two.. Kentucky.. Fried". I'm hoping the weather man is wrong, as he's calling for rain. Hope to work a few stations and will be listening on voice as well......Hope everyone enjoys.
    Best 73
    People attending....N2NRJ,KC2KAL,N2KF,N2JLI,N2OMK,KB2MPU,AB2SW.

  • Field Day   10 years 6 weeks ago

    Standard voice uplink frequencies will be used for Field Day:
    145.20 ITU Region 1 (Europe, Russia and Africa)
    144.49 ITU Region 2 & 3 (N. & S. America plus everywhere else not listed in Region 1)

  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 6 weeks ago

    Less than 1 week and only 3 persons will be active?

  • pcsat and sapphire   10 years 6 weeks ago

    Another big difference is the output from each. ISS is normally at 10 watts. PCSAT runs around 1 watt.

  • pcsat and sapphire   10 years 6 weeks ago

    Hi N5VHO , thanks ken, I have olny been tryin in the day time , but i have not even heard it for a while , didnt know if i was doin something wrong , i just had a pass with pcsat and had no copy , also a ISS pass and had good copy , sent you a "thank you" thru it , but forgot to put your call in the "TO" ,, :oops: , o-well thanks any-0-who , I will keep tryin ,

  • pcsat and sapphire   10 years 6 weeks ago

    Hi Jim,
    PCSAT is in a semi-operational state since it's batteries are beyond their life expectancy. PCSAT is working sometimes during the daylight hours when the solar panels are working at full capacity. If you will work the satellite at 145.825 on approach and 145.830 as she passes then you should be able to work through it assuming she has enough power to relay your signal. You'll need to flip the RX frequency to properly adjust for the Doppler.

    The path is different for PCSAT now that it is not working as designed. You have to use W3ADO-1 in the UNPROTO path name instead of WIDE to work properly. (unproto via w3ado-1)

    Sapphire is not a a packet satellite but was launched the same time as PCSAT. It does have some amateur gear on board but never really worked as well as hoped. I don't think the gear on board was ever intended for use by the general amateur community.

  • FRIEND'S HELP ME   10 years 6 weeks ago


    BRAZIL :wink:

    :arrow: PY4MAB@AMSAT.ORG

  • Any news on the SuitSat project?   10 years 6 weeks ago
    Another ARRL update on SuitSat: [url][/url]
  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 6 weeks ago


    Phillips will operate as NA1SS and handing out "1 Alfa ISS" for a report. If Expedition 11 Commander Krikalev gets on the air too, he'll identify as RS0ISS and give the same exchange.

    In the past, crew members have operated from both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 ARISS stations using 2 meters and 70 cm.



  • ARRL Field Day 2005   10 years 6 weeks ago

    The crew is [u:22376857aa]not[/u:22376857aa] expected to be active on UHF (this year). That is the reason only the VHF frequencies were listed.

  • FRIEND'S HELP ME   10 years 6 weeks ago

    I have little information on that particular card. It is a Russian idea for RS0ISS only and as yet, I have not heard what qualifications are necessary to apply for it.

    If I hear anything more, I'll be sure to pass it along.


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