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  • ISS QSL CARD   10 years 44 weeks ago

    Hi Eladio and all,
    if I'm not wrong the ISS log contact doesn't exist. Normally you get this confirmation by hearing your callsign from Bill or Tokarev or any other astronaut / cosmonaut who answer your call.

  • Space Tourism and related Questionnaire   10 years 44 weeks ago

    add my e-mail address too


  • Desktop ISS Activity monitoring   10 years 44 weeks ago

    An easy way to do this would be if somebody wanted to write a Konfabulator (Yahoo) widget. The programming interface for those is supposedly pretty simple. It could query this web site and look for any reports posted in the last x number of minutes, alerting you whenever a new report appears. I would try to tackle something like this myself, but I just don't have the time right now, being in my final semester of college...

  • Help and advice please.   10 years 44 weeks ago

    To answer your question in the simplest terms, yes, it is possible to use a regular scanner like you described to listen to ham radio transmissions from the ISS. What Cor was saying is that the ISS ham radio equipment can operate in several different modes. Sometimes you will be lucky and hear one of the astronauts operating FM voice and speaking to dozens of hams on the ground. Other times an automated packet data system is active, which is the "APRS digipeater" that was mentioned. That stands for "automated packet/position reporting system", and digipeater simply means that the ISS repeats these digital packets back to earth for other stations to hear.

    From your original question, I got the feeling that you might be trying to hear "official on-board communications" like those between the astronauts and NASA. That's not the kinds of transmissions you will hear if you listen on the 145.800 MHz ham radio frequency. Just wanted to make sure you understood the difference.

    The antenna that comes with your scanner should be sufficient for picking up passes with elevations above 10 degrees or so (above the horizon). You'll probably get better reception if you (or the antenna) is located outdoors in a clear area. I have a handheld radio and can easily understand voice broadcasts from the ISS whenever I'm lucky enough to hear them. On the other hand, transmitting with a handheld-type antenna is much more difficult. Some people have reportedly contacted the ISS using one of those antennas, but the conditions have to be just right and it's very rare.

  • nasa tracking software   10 years 44 weeks ago

    Orbitron is a fantastic program, and it has a color scheme that you can choose that looks a lot like the NASA display. Plus, unlike Nova, it's 100% free! :) I've used it for a few weeks now and wouldn't use anything else.

    You can get it from

  • nasa tracking software   10 years 44 weeks ago
    Nova from [url][/url] does a pretty good job and can be configured to look a lot like the MCC track. I believe Orbitron is another good program but only have second hand reports.
  • packet with UISS and ISS Packet Manual   10 years 44 weeks ago

    Thank you very much Cor!!!!!!

  • Audio from 17:3x pass on 1-21-06 if you need it!   10 years 44 weeks ago

    I made a contact with NA1SS during this pass. Approx 17:34 UTC Could you tell me if I am on your MP3 recording ?? Thanks and 73,

    Keith - KB9STR

  • packet with UISS and ISS Packet Manual   10 years 44 weeks ago

    Hello KC0CQN,

    I have made (in the past) an easy manual
    for UISS.
    Click on the ISS button and scroll
    to: ISS Packet/APRS software UISS.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Audio from 14/01/06 pass at 18:00 UTC anyone? Small reward!   10 years 44 weeks ago

    hello James,

    I checked my audio recordings from UHF weekend, so
    far I know Bill joined 2 passes in voice (at 14 jan).
    In one pass Bill came on the end in voice and
    worked Croatia (then it was out my range).
    In the other pass Bill worked a lot stations
    probably I missed the beginning of the the
    pass, and also I've missed parts cause I had to
    rotate my antenna.
    I did not find MW0ZAP call in the recording but
    I could hear Bill worked these stations:


    Maybe you can find their e-mail addresses
    on and ask them if they recorded the pass.

    Also trie post a msg on:
    amsat-bb(at) and sarex(at)
    Your messages will be (a bit later) shown on:

    Good luck!

    73's Cor PD0RKC
    ISS info:

  • Help and advice please.   10 years 44 weeks ago
    [quote:247521c91f="pd0rkc"]Hello Amm1UK, Most of the time ISS hamradio station is switched in the APRS digipeater mode. 73's Cor PD0RKC[/quote:247521c91f] Thanks very much for your help and advice. :) Forgive my ignorance but I'm not quite used to the technical language just yet :? so could you or somebody else just explain to me what is meant by.... the station is switched to [b:247521c91f]"APRS digipeater mode".[/b:247521c91f] Thanks very much. :)
  • Help and advice please.   10 years 44 weeks ago

    Hello Amm1UK,

    Most of the time ISS hamradio station
    is switched in the APRS digipeater mode.
    Many stations can send (data) beacon signals
    to ISS, and the ISS send those beacons back
    to earth (with 4000km range on earth).

    Often (mostly in the weekends) you can hear the
    astronauts talking in voice on 145.800Mhz (FM).
    Thats the hamradio frequency.
    If you life in europe (or russia) you
    can also monitor ISS to Moscow flight
    control frequency on 143.625Mhz FM.

    The best choice would be a desktop scanner
    with (for example) a wide band discone

    When you want to decode the ISS beacons
    you can put a cable between your
    scanner (ext-speaker jack) to your -
    mic-in (jack) from your soundcard.
    With AGW + UIVIEW you can see the aprs
    stations which comes from the ISS signals.

    You can download AGW and UIVIEW from
    my website:
    Click on the software button.

    If you have more questions write them
    here in the forum.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • QSL (long) time   10 years 44 weeks ago

    Hi all!
    I have contacted Christophe as suggested an he said me that I've sent the mail to the old address.
    Anyhow he's managing the matter with great efficiency; as soon as he receive my report (a guy living in the "wrong" town is forwarding him the envelope) he will send me the QSL.

  • Big probs with APRS getting through from Oz   10 years 44 weeks ago

    On Jan 26, 2006, at 12:11 PM, Kevin W. Forbes wrote:
    Steve K4HG, reports no problems with the APRS system at his end. Looks like the ball is back in the Australians Court. :-(

    > Hi, any idea why se Australia is being blocked....
    > None of my data is getting through to ARISS pages, but emails are
    > delivered OK.......
    > Yours faithfully, Kevin Forbes, VK3UKF.

    Nothing on my end blocks any incoming data.

    Steve K4HG

  • Big probs with APRS getting through from Oz   10 years 44 weeks ago

    I just sent myself an email via ISS, there was nothing on the ARISS page, yet I recieved it OK.

    ISS digi test

    Message received by MacAPRS IGate station WU2Z
    Located in NO BRUNSWICK, NJ

    It appears that all of South East Australia is not being fed into FINDU APRS data. It seems this has been the case since about Jan 10 2006. VK6 is OK, and I have got a possy through the other day, it was picked up in New Zealand, glad the Kiwi's still work OK. See here for some more info.

    Also a lot of live feed pages on Oz APRS net are down. I have NO idea. Kevin, VK3UKF.

    HHEELLPPPPP !!!!! :-( :-(

  • ISS QSL CARD   10 years 44 weeks ago



  • Space Tourism and related Questionnaire   10 years 44 weeks ago

    Space Tourism is already available to some extent. Trips to the orbit are offered by a company called Space Adventures based in the USA. Three tourists habe been to the ISS so far. Even though it is still very expensive do some of you consider to book a trip as soon as it gets cheaper?

  • Packet QSL   10 years 45 weeks ago

    Thanks for Info, I will leave a message on board ISS BBS anyway to be sure.. But I think is as N5VHO said. :lol: 73 de Op. Paco

  • Packet QSL   10 years 45 weeks ago

    Hi Kenneth!

    Thanks for the (very fast) response! I wanted to make sure, since this is different than the way it was with Mir (R0MIR) packet QSLing. We needed to leave the message and note the message number, so it could be verified by the Mir QSL manager. A printout of our connection showing when this took place and the message being left on the Mir PMS was recommended along with the QSL card and SASE. Guess I can send off for another QSL card...


    Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA

  • QSL (long) time   10 years 45 weeks ago

    A couple of months seems like a long time. It took me about a month to get a card from the ARRL for my QSO on 1 December 2005. E-mail the European manager as others suggested, before sending anything else. It is possible that he was waiting for more cards, since Bill McArthur has been busy on the radio for the past couple of months. Someone posted an image of the new QSL in another part of the forum on this site.


    Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA

  • Packet QSL   10 years 45 weeks ago

    A connect is a two way contact. If you receive the text from ISS, it heard you and you heard it.

  • Packet QSL   10 years 45 weeks ago

    Just to clarify, simply connecting to the BBS (RS0ISS-11) is all that's needed to qualify for a packet QSL? Or should we do something like leave a message on the PMS for the crew, and make a note of the message number along with the date and time (UTC) we did all of this?

    If the connection is all that's needed, I did that briefly last month. Very briefly. If a message is required as well, I'll have to go back to work on doing that.


    Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA

  • QSL (long) time   10 years 45 weeks ago

    Sounds a bit unusual. You might email the manager and verify he got the card. There is no current time limit on QSL card requests.

  • QSL (long) time   10 years 45 weeks ago

    Hello Marco,

    The QSL mananger for EU region is:
    Christophe Candebat (F1MOJ).
    Better you ask Christophe if he knows
    about the Rue Malmaison address!
    Email F1MOJ (at) FREE.FR

    Look at the ISS QSL request info on
    my website:
    Click on the red ISS button.

    73's Cor PD0RKC

  • Packet QSL   10 years 45 weeks ago

    Hi to All,

    This is all tha address for the request QSL from ISS :

    A contact with an Astronaut, Cosmonaut or with an equipment onboard ISS (Packet, SSTV etc.) can be confirmed requiring a QSL directly to these addresses:

    [u:46acbeb6ee]For the USA[/u:46acbeb6ee] :
    ARRL Headquarters
    ARISS QSL Expedition-1 (or 2, etc.)
    225 Main Street
    Newington, CT 06111-1494

    [u:46acbeb6ee]For Canada :[/u:46acbeb6ee]
    Radio Amateurs of Canada
    ARISS QSL Expedition-1 (or 2, etc.)
    720 Belfast Road, Suite 217
    Ottawa Ontario
    K1G 0Z5

    [u:46acbeb6ee]For Europe :[/u:46acbeb6ee]
    F1MOJ - Mr CANDEBAT Christophe
    ARISS Europe QSL Manager
    7 Rue Roger Bernard
    30470 Aimargues

    [u:46acbeb6ee]For Japan :[/u:46acbeb6ee]
    ARISS Japan QSL
    JARL International Section
    Tokyo 170-8073

    [u:46acbeb6ee]For other Countries:[/u:46acbeb6ee]
    Please use the US or Canadian address above
    until such time as an address
    for your country is available.

    [u:46acbeb6ee]For RS0ISS:[/u:46acbeb6ee]
    Alexander Davydov, RN3DK
    Novo - Mytishchinsky prospekt 52 - 111
    Mytishchi 18, 141018

    Please don't forget to include a business size, self-addressed, stamped envelope with proper postage or sufficient IRCs included. Envelopes without postage or IRCs will not be honored.
    A self addressed envelope and two IRC's are necessary to cover the handling cost for European request.


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