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July 10th


Space Shuttle

During a countdown status briefing this morning at Kennedy Space Center, NASA Test Director Jeff Spaulding and STS-114 Payload Manager Scott Higginbotham announced they are go for launch. Launch Weather Officer Kathy Winters expects a 30% chance that weather may prevent launch on Wednesday. In the event of a delay, the forecast is slightly less promising, with the chance of weather violating launch constraints rising to 40% on Thursday and Friday.

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Space Shuttle

The countdown for NASA's Return to Flight launch of Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-114) starts at 6 p.m. EDT, July 10. Discovery's crew will test new equipment and procedures to increase Shuttle safety, deliver spare parts and supplies to the International Space Station.

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July 7th

Russian Space Agency Signs Tourist Deal

ISS News

Russia's space agency has signed a contract with Gregory Olsen, in a deal that would make the U.S. millionaire scientist only the third tourist to visit the international space station.

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Space Shuttle

NASA is featuring a prelaunch webcast and extensive launch day coverage of the Space Shuttle Discovery's Return to Flight mission (STS-114). Prelaunch coverage starts at 2:30 p.m. EDT, July 10, and the launch is at 3:51 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, July 13.

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July 4th

ISS Boosts Orbit to Prepare for Shuttle's Arrival

ISS News

The International Space Station (ISS) rose to a higher orbit this week in preparations for the arrival of NASA's space shuttle Discovery later this month.

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ISS Amateur Radio

Orbit #37715 06/26/05 1240 UTC pass QSO with DR. John Phillips- "Alabama station please repeat your call sign","1 Alpha ISS"5/9 signal strength.Arrow J-Pole for Omni, Arrow Perm.Yagi with rotor for Directive gain/track.Kenwood TR- 751 allmode 25 watts.WXSAT,Tardis,TLE Retriever and UISS Software.After 30 years absence from Ham radio(allways SWL)I recently retested for tech!I owe my return to ham radio to a lifelong interest in spaceflight and ISS FAN CLUB.Thanks former and also ARISS and AMSAT.73's de KI4JVK

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Space Shuttle

The updated press kit for the Space Shuttle Discovery Return to Flight mission (STS-114) is available online. The mission is scheduled to launch July 13.The press kit contains detailed information about the mission, Commander Eileen
Collins and the Discovery crew. The kit includes information about modifications to the Shuttle's External Tank and other changes.

The press kit and other information about the mission is available on the Web

For information about NASA and agency programs on the Web, visit:

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June 30th

School recordings available on EchoLink


From SAREX Mailing List:

Hello All,
For those interested, ARISS is now recording most of the School / ISS telebridge contacts and making them available on EchoLink.
These recordings can be accessed at any time simply be logging onto the AMSAT conference room with EchoLink and typing .list to see what's
available, then typing .play # ,the # represents the number of the recording you require. Don't forget to put a "dot" in front of the command.

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