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STS-114 to Demonstrate Repair Techniques, Deliver Equipment to Space Station

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The STS-114 crewmembers will deliver supplies to the International Space Station, but the major focus of their mission will be testing and evaluating new Space Shuttle flight safety, which includes new inspection and repair techniques.

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Space Shuttle Discovery Repaired at Launch Pad

Space Shuttle

Engineers conducted minor repairs to NASA's space shuttle Discovery late Tuesday after an errant window cover fell from the orbiter and damaged its aft section. The incident will not delay the planned launch of the orbiter.

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The following is a statement from the families of the Space Shuttle Columbia mission STS-107:

"As NASA prepares to launch the Shuttle Discovery, we, the Columbia Families, would like to show our support for the STS-114 crew and all the dedication and talent of those who supported this Return to Flight effort. We have had two and one half years to reflect daily on the loss of our loved ones as the Shuttle Columbia (STS 107) bro