Archive - Oct 15, 2008 - Recorded Contacts


Garrett talks to South Africa: W5KWQ-ZS6TW QSO 15-Oct-08 18:31utc Orbit#56750

Had some good luck this evening.
I called ISS just as Richard was around the radio and he came back to me!
Had a nice short qso and then he worked several other South African stations.
The signal did not appear as super strong (i.e. 59++) as always from ISS - explained by the fact that I somehow had been switched to the vertical instead of the yagis!

I also called him and he returned my call on the next pass at 20:11 utc. But I only had a 0.2 degree elevation on that pass, so his signal was weak even on the beam. (I made sure this time!)

Thanks to Richard for coming on air over 'these parts'.

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