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January 26th

Same footprint with NO-44

ISS Always shutdown digipeater when have same footprint with NO-44. and so it can not run dual hop .

YC3BVG – Thu, 2012 – 01 – 26 22:48

January 25th

BBS Setup (Receive Only)

Hi group- I need advice on setting up my BBS system. I want to receive BBS exchanges but not necessarily transmit. I acknowledge the problems with tying up the system for other users.

Do I need a TNC or will AGWPE-Pro be okay? Is the BBS option inside UISS sufficient to send BBS Messages?

Sorry for the basic questions; I can send and receive APRS traffic okay, but time now to expand my system capabilities.

Thanks in advance,

KA0SWT – Thu, 2012 – 01 – 26 03:10

January 21st

Advice needed

Hi fellow iss fan,s I have held my uk foundation licence for just over a year
I have and still do love working HF QRP.
I now am looking to expand my horizon and start to work the many Amateur radio satellites
I have two transceivers I can use the first is the very sort after Yaesu FT-847 EarthStation.
And my second transceiver is the new Yaesu FTM350. I have already put this to some use having made a few confirmed contacts Via The RS0ISS APRS Message Board system.
I was so pleased with my first APRS contacts more so when I received Eqsl card confirmation.

coolermaster – Sat, 2012 – 01 – 21 07:16

January 18th

contact some one on iss fan club

who do i contact to get some thing corrected on a top rated contact viewing?
they have my call sign wrong and would like it changed, but no were on here does to say how to contact an person who runs the site

kb5nbj – Wed, 2012 – 01 – 18 20:41

January 17th

Newbee to ISS packet - Taking suggestions

Hello to all. I am new to packet radio, and I've been trying to learn how the ISS works.

I spent the weekend logging in to my own box, and I was pretty good at it, but I've found that the ISS is way too busy for me to attempt that right now.

I read a few sites on how to do the UNPROTO to ARISS, and so I tried that out, today.

techtut – Tue, 2012 – 01 – 17 16:25

January 14th

new polls

we need new polls don't you think tell me what you think

griffinh – Sat, 2012 – 01 – 14 23:27