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Did anyone record October 26, 2010

Did anyone record Col. Wheelock at 6:20 PM during the ISS pass up the East coast of the USA? I made contact and would love to have a recording of it.



N2PCA Northwest NJ – Sun, 2010 – 10 – 31 13:01

October 30th

voice on simplex 145.800

i heard a few stations on the 145.800 and doug came back to them just woundring if that is possabe i as well made contact but not sure what the freq was on radio. any help would be great. thank you in advance

kj4ecd Dusty

kj4ecd – Sat, 2010 – 10 – 30 18:34

Some ISS SSTV pictures on my website

Hello All
If you would like to look at some of the pictures i have and my ham mates too then please look on my website under the SSTV Section

Please visit my Shoutbox and leave a message too if you want to

73s All

kelvin – Sat, 2010 – 10 – 30 18:01

Did anyone record 10/30/10

Did anybody record today's pass while the Col was working voice? I believe I made a contact , but I think I may have missed him saying back my callsign while I was transmitting.

w3vd – Sat, 2010 – 10 – 30 17:43

October 28th

iss contact

i made a youtube video of the pass of 10/27/2010 it is on youtube it is about 8 mins but has a few contacts included mine

kj4ecd – Thu, 2010 – 10 – 28 15:59

October 27th

Nothing over Europe ...

I am trying for some time to contact NA1SS from Serbia but I never hear Voice on 145.800.
Often there is activity on PACKET on 145.825.

When there is NO activity on PACKET I was hoping that there is a good chance to hear VOICE but again - nothing.

Last night (27.oct.2010) nothing on VOICE or PACKET over Europe at 23:02 UTC. As I can see here there is VOICE activity over USA around that time.
Is NA1SS making contacts with Europe or it is only USA?

I tried VHF uplink 145.200 (Europe ITU Region 1) and 144.490 (ITU Region 2&3) and nothing happened.

YU3SSP – Thu, 2010 – 10 – 28 02:05